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Yearbook Printing

Custom book printing services

Yearbook is a custom book to record the memory of the event of team, club, company or the competitions in the past year or passed time.  It could be designed to different structure to attract more impression of the mebers. The yearbook help you to build the image or brand to increase team cohesion of the a company or organization. 

Chinabookprinter is a professional book printing services provide to help or guide you to build.

Popular Yearbook Printing Services

The yearbooks have different showing depend on it’s function. Here we list you some popular yearbooks for your reference. Due to limited space, there are many yearbooks have not be listed here, such as church yearbook, club yearbook….etc, contact us via the form on the bottom or top to get more suggestions.

Company Yearbook Printing

company yearbook printing

Company yearbook also have some functions as catalogue, which introduce the team, culture and the event of the company…etc

School Yearbook Printing

School yearbook printing is much more helpful for the enrollment. It’s more attractive when we new ones to read more information of the school.

Team Yearbook Printing

Team yearbook printing is most made by some big clubs, organizations to remind the unforgettable times and nice personal actions.

How to print yearbooks?

First step: design your content. It’s best to find a local designer or design company to do. Communication is smoother when there is no cultural divided.

Second step: layout the design into standard template to make sure the final printing is perfect.  Now, you need contact us to draw a template for your page layout and cover with bleeding.

Third step: choose the paper material, binding way(it’s hardcover bound yearbook on the right) and surface finishing to make a sample. And you also could choose it from our paper instruction page (click to open)

Forth step: check the issues from physical sample you got and revise. Then ask the invoice of mass production to pay.

Fifth step: we will take a video for you when all books are finished and packed on the pallets. Then you pay balance to ship the yearbooks to you.

yearbook printing

How much of custom yearbook printing?

There is no standard quotation list for custom yearbook printing, due to different sizes, paper stock, binding way and also the surface finishing of cover. Our team will do custom quotation for your choice when you provide the basic information of your yearbook, such as size, No.of pages. And our team will provide professional suggestions for you when you have no idea about the paper stock, binding way…etc

Sample quotation in popular yearbook size

1, Size: 6″*9″ (popular yearbook size in United States)
2, Color: full color printing 
3, No.of pages: cover and 320pages 
4, Cover: 157gsm paper with glossy/matte lamination+3mm cardboard
5, Ends: 160gsm offset paper 
6, Text: 128gsm offset paper 
7, Binding: hardcover binding / Case binding
8, Unit price: 5.19USD/pcs for 1000pcs (factory price)

Why Choose Us For Yearbook Printer

We lead the industry with superior, innovative offset products and provide cheap short run printing service. Chinabookprinter help many customers grow their business and delight their valued clients. All publisher over the world is using China book Printing. So we have to use the highest quality stock and finishing materials as per your requirements.
Reasonable Prices

The custom quotation could be provide during 2 Chinese working hours and prices list with different options.

Free Samples

In order to make sure the printing services is safe. Our team will make a sample freely and take video for your confirmation.

Quality & Safety

Our clients are all over the world. Our company could help to ask them to certificate us to be a reliable supplier.

Door to door shipping

Normally we need 8-13 working days to finish printing and delivery to your door. Door to door services help you save many time.

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