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China Book & Catalog Printing &Paper Box

We are a leading in china book printing, magazine, catalogues, paper bags and paper boxes. located in Shenzhen China, near by Hongkong. Meanwhile, provide the high quality and professional printing services as your expectation.

Hardcover books, catalogues, magazines, novel books, spiral books, education books, printing service.

Paper gift box, rigid paper box, cardboard box, wine box, round box, sliding paper box, all paper box supplier

Paper shopping bags, non-woven shopping bags. Will produce during 7 days to match your short running order.


Different cover of hardcover book for your reference. It include paper cover, cloth cover, PU cover, Leather cover…etc

Time is most important for your magazine running. Our team will provide a short time running for your magazine. Let’s do it now!

A nice decorative packaging box will make your product full with soul. Of course, more helpful to improve your sales of products.

More plastic bags is prohibited in many countries. Don’t worry. Our paper solution will help you catch the paper bags hot sale chance

Why Not Work With A Reliable Manufacturer?

There are many China Book Printing companies that are available in the market, but you should carefully research and choose the best one for your needs and budget. We offer the highest quality of prints at reasonable prices so that we can make your decision process easier. We have good quality machines which are the best in the market so you would not have to reprint your material again and again and you can be assured with the printing at the first try itself. It is important to find good book printing services to do justice to your writing and get a beautiful final book as a result. After all the hard work you put into the writing of the book, you should trust our creative and professional department to make your book appealing as well as free from any alignment or grammatical mistakes. We do not overcharge for our services and are sure to fit your budget. You can blindly trust us for all your book printing needs.

“We are happy with the quality both for color and packaging , hope will another order soon”

Mariani Wine, MaWine.co.uk

“The paper shopping bags looks great, we would like to print more and more if it will bring us a hot sale.”

Linda Kimpel, Kimo.no