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Book slipcases are the box to protect the books inside. Meanwhile, the box will be decorative to make the books looks more luxury. Also the slipcases could be designed to carry more titles of books.

As a professional book printer in China, Chinabookprinter provide you more solution for your books slipcases.

Different Styles of Custom Book Slipcases

Show you some samples of different funeral printing, such as book,booklet and leaflets

Printed Rigid

Book Slipcases

book slipcases

The material of printed rigid book slipcases is printed and laminated paper glued on 1.5-2.5mm cardboard. The paper could be color printed or gold / foil stamped.

Cloth Rigid

Book Slipcases

cloth book slipcase

The material of cloth rigid book slipcases is cloth glued on 1.5-2.5mm cardboard. The cloth can’t be printed, but it could be foil stamped and embossed.

Leather Rigid

Book Slipcases

leather book slipcase

The material of leather rigid book slipcases is PU leather glued on 1.5-2.5mm cardboard. The PU leather is most used to hot foil stamped or embossed and dmbossed.


Book Slipcases

corrugated book slipcase

Corrugated book slipcases is cheaper than rigid material, and also could be printed as per you want. It’s structure is one layer or plain printed paper glued on corrugated material.

Card Paper

Book Slipcases

card paper book slipcase

Card paper book slipcases is the cheapest solution for book slipcase. It just have one layer printed paper with lamination, and also have shortest lead time.

Kraft Paper

Book Slipcases

kraft book slipcase

Kraft paper book slipcases is similar as printed card paper book slipcase, but it’s more strong than printed paper bookslipcase. The disadvantage is the color is not luxury as the card paper.

Where To Print Slipcases For Books

Chinabookprinter is one of best book slipcases printers when you try to print your funeral programs in China. We have rich experience in paper products printing and lead the industry with superior, innovative offset products and provide cheap short run printing service. Chinabookprinter help many customers grow their business and delight their valued clients. All publisher over the world is using China book Printing. So we have to use the highest quality stock and finishing materials as per your requirements.

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custom slipcases for books

Surface Finishing

For Book Slip Cases

The surface of book slipcase could be plain, usually when you would like the UP leather and kraft paper book slipcase. Normally, we would like to print our logo or slogan on the cover. So we list frequenly used finishing as below for your reference.

paperback book slip case

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