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Custom photo books are the best way to preserve your memories and surprise friends and family with a special one of a kind gift. Use it as a unique coffee table book, or have it as a keepsake for all the memories you’ve made this past year. Create a personalized custom photo books for every occasion – ChinaBookPrinter has an option for all events. Preserve special memories like the birth of a child or a milestone birthday with our baby and family themed books. Make a travel photo books for your family trips and vacations, or a year-in-review custom photo books to document your activities and accomplishments.

Plan your days with custom planner printing

We do so many diverse activities throughout the day. From physical activities, to household chores, to our professional meetings and appointments, to socializing. Trying to remember all of our different commitments through the day can prove to be overwhelming, and that is where planners come into the picture. Read on to know how to plan your day with customized planners that you can print with us.

The significance of planners

A planner is a book where you can jot down your schedules and tasks for the day, your goals for the month, your long-term goals for the year. Writing down your tasks and goals helps you stay focussed and use your time wisely. In today’s digital era, planners help you break free from the endless scrolling that has taken over most of our daily lives.

It is a proven fact that planners boost productivity as it helps you make time for all your deadlines. It helps you balance your work and personal life as you can see for yourself how much time you spend on them each day, and make necessary adjustments. It allows you to be purposeful with how you spend your time, and reduces the stress of remembering everything you ought to do. Simply put, a planner allows you to clear space in your head.

Personalize your planner

We give our customizers the unique opportunities to make their own planners. We understand that every person has different needs and goals, and a one-size fits all planner will not work well for all. We understand that different people need different numbers of pages in their planner, different paper sizes, different covers, binding styles, etc., depending on their unique schedules and lifestyles. This is why we let our customers come to us with their vision for the planner, and we bring this vision to reality by printing it out in high-quality paper.

Planners of different styles and binding

Planners should encourage you to use it, and to do that it should be easy to use. Different people find different kinds of styles “easy”, and therefore, we provide multiple options to our customers. Some of these options are given below:

Coil binding: This technique involves binding the pages of the planners and cover through a coil that goes through holes in the left side of the pages. It makes it easier to turn the pages and write notes all the way to the page borders.

Saddle stitching: In this technique the pages are bound and folded at the spine. That fold makes it easy to open the book wide, and write down all your thoughts without struggling to keep the book open.

Printing  A Photo Book Is Easy

  1. Get your photos from anywhere
  2. Save time with the Smart Autofill feature
    Your photos are stylishly arranged in the order they were taken.
  3. Edit your photos and text
    Simply drag and drop to add, move and resize photos and text anywhere.

Find The Perfect Cover For Your Custom Photo Books

Hard Photo Cover with Glossy Finish
Durable glossy laminate with photos on front and back. Text on cover and spine.

Hard Photo Cover with Matte Finish
Durable, scratch-resistant matte laminate with photos on front and back. Text on cover and spine.

Die-cut Cover with Cloth or Leather
High-quality fabric or leather with a large die-cut window for a favorite photo. Available in black or brown leather, black or brown cloth, and white linen.

Why Choose Us For Custom Planner Printing

We lead the industry with superior, innovative offset products and provide cheap short run printing service. Chinabookprinter help many customers grow their business and delight their valued clients. All publisher over the world is using China book Printing. So we have to use the highest quality stock and finishing materials as per your requirements.
Reasonable Prices

The custom quotation could be provide during 2 Chinese working hours and prices list with different options.

Free Samples

In order to make sure the printing services is safe. Our team will make a sample freely and take video for your confirmation.

Quality & Safety

Our clients are all over the world. Our company could help to ask them to certificate us to be a reliable supplier.

Door to door shipping

Normally we need 8-13 working days to finish printing and delivery to your door. Door to door services help you save many time.

Get your planner today!

To get your customized planner, reach out to us with your name, email address and with your preferred specifications, including the binding type and finish you desire. Our team will get back to you within a day with a quote so you can get your planner at the earliest.

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