Magazine Printing Costs

  • There is no MOQ of your magazines. You could print from 1 copy to any quantity you want.
  • The price of magazines is from 0.2USD/pcs—-1.8USD/pcs, depends on your requirements.
  • Wanna a price of your magazines?  Show us your specification of magazine, the price will be provide during 2 working hours.
Magazine Printing Costs
Magzine Printing costs
custom magazine printing
The essential points to quote for your magazines:
1, size: (Normally, it’s A4, or A5)
2, No.of pages: such as 28 pages
3, Quantity: such as 500 copies

Get your message across with affordable, custom color magazine printing. Like our catalog printing and booklet printing, we have many standard custom magazine printing page counts from which to choose and we offer custom magazine printing quotes if you need something different. Your full color and full bleed magazine is printed on 100# gloss text, includes bindery fees and is ready quickly with our industry leading fast turnaround times.

CBP Printing is an expert at full color custom magazine printing. We have multiple quality control levels to ensure that the final high quality magazine exceeds your expectations. Our designers can assist you in creating compelling layouts and gorgeous finished product that will be well-received by your readers. If you already have your magazine design artwork, our prepress department can review it for you through our Free File Check service.

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Magazine Printing Costs For Different Binding Style

Custom Magazine Printing are typically bound with the Saddle-Stitch method or the Perfect Binding method. In most cases, the binding style you choose will be dictated by the number of pages in your magazine.

If the page count is relatively low, the Saddle-Stitch method is recommended. Saddle-stitched magazines are constructed from folded sheets that are held together by wire staples. The staples are driven through the crease of the magazine’s spine to secure the pages as a unit. Though simple, the result is a very professional looking magazine printing.

In addition, saddle-stitching is a very economical binding option. It also allows the magazine to lie almost flat when opened. This works well for artwork that spans two adjacent pages (also known as crossover images).

Conversely, if your magazine has a relatively high page count, the Perfect Binding method is recommended. Perfect Bound magazines are created by gluing the pages and cover together at the spine with a strong, flexible glue. The other three sides of the magazine are then trimmed as needed to give them clean “perfect” edges. Also, unlike the saddle-stitch method, perfect binding often allows for printing on the magazine’s spine.

Print Magazine Page Count

In addition to determining the binding style, the page count of your custom magazine printing (along with the total quantity of magazines needed) will help your printer calculate how much paper is needed to produce your project.

By the way, when you relay the magazine’s page count to your printer, be careful. Page counts are often mis-communicated. For example, open up a magazine and flip through it. As the individual sheets flip by, notice that each of these sheets has two sides. Your printer refers to each side of these sheets as a separate page. So to a printer, every sheet within the magazine represents two pages. However, those new to printing often refer to each sheet within the magazine as one page.

Magazine Printing Ink Colors

Many magazines are produced with a full-color cover and full-color pages. This is because full-color provides maximum visual impact. This is especially true if your magazine accepts advertisements. Often, there is a mixture of full-color images and black-ink text.

Should one assume that money will be saved by using more black-ink pages than full-color pages? Well, sometimes yes and sometimes no. It really depends on the layout of the magazine, and where the black-ink pages fall in relationship to the color pages.

Also, your printer may ask if any ink coverage extends all the way to the edge of the pages or cover (known as a Bleed). If so, the artwork layout will need to be created slightly larger than the finished trim size. Crop marks will also need to be added, so your printer will know exactly where to trim off the sections that bleed. If in doubt, check with your printer before getting too far along in the design phase.

What’s pain spot of your magazine printing?

Professional:  we are a printing factory in over 15 years old. Our working room could provide the professional suggestion to save your much time of discussing how to do.

No M.O.Q:  short run and small quantities of 10 to 1.000 and bulk printing for quantities over 1,000 pcs, so we can give you a reliable prices for small and large quantities on your monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annual publications.

Fast, Easy and Affordable One Stop Printing, Mailing and Design
Our one stop magazine printing services include mailing, free photo design tools and templates. 8½ x 11 or 5½ x 8½ saddle-stitched and perfect bound are our most popular. Print 1,000 or less 8.5×11 magazines in 3 days with 3 day shipping anywhere.

Cost Efficient Magazines Printing
CBP Printing is your industry leading high quality, online magazine printing company. We love to help our customers produce high-quality, short run magazines at a fraction of the cost of traditional printing companies.

We Offer Competitive Printing Prices
With our state of the art online magazine printing services, free photo design tool & free pre-designed or blank templates to help you get started you don’t have to leave your desktop or office. Just get a price, upload files and we’ll ship it to your doorstep.

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