Catalogue Printing China

Catalogue  printing China remain an effective marketing tool for businesses that want to showcase all their merchandise conveniently in one place for their customers, because they provide detailed information about goods and services, images, ordering and contact information. Everything customers need to make a purchase in the palm of their hands.

While it’s true that there are a lot of printing company, we recommend that you bring your designs and have them printed in China. There are many advantages if you choose to have your catalogues printed here.

catalogue printing service
catalog printing services China

What’s the advantage to do catalogue printing china?

Lower costs

Catalogue printing prices can get really high especially if you go for higher-grade paper qualities. The price will also depend on the project details such as how many colors will be imprinted on the catalogues.

These prices can be too much especially if you are working with a budget. You would want to showcase your products and services the best way with the most affordable price without having its quality compromised.

High technology printing used

The problem with using older forms of printing for catalogues is that it takes a long time to produce the output. The print, especially the colored and glossy ones, can also fade overtime. This is the last thing that you would want to happen for your catalogues. You have invested so much time, effort, and money into making and ordering the catalogues so expect them to last for a long time. This is the downside of having your catalogues printed with old technology printers.

On-time delivery of project

When looking for a printing company to have your catalogues printed at, there are two main things that you should consider – the costs and delivery time of the output. Other printing companies may charge you way less for a project but the downside of it will be you won’t know when your project may be finished or maybe done past the due date.

If a printing company offers low prices, for example, in India wherein they charge cheap prices for printing, you can expect that they have a surcharge of other clients who would want their materials to be printed.

Save on shipping costs

Having your catalogues printed in China is one of the best things you can do for your business especially if most of the products you outsource are from China. You might already be shipping out your raw and packaging materials from China. So, if you also opt to have your catalogues printed in the country and have them shipped to you along with your other business materials, you can save hundreds of dollars on shipping costs. By simply choosing to have your catalogues printed with us, you can get your operational costs down by a huge margin.

What kind of binding for catalogue printing china?

We offer two options for catalogue printing. You can choose from the different binding and paper stock options. These two options can significantly change the look of your catalogues. For the binding, here are the options that we offer:

Wire-O binding

A Wire-O type of binding can make the catalogue fold all the way to its back while it still remains flat. This type of binding is perfect if you want something to be handy and yet easy to use. You can use this type of binding for directories, cookbooks, reports, manuals, and instructional materials.

Plastic coil binding

Plastic coil or spiral binding is commonly used when binding thicker documents or catalogues. It’s pretty much the same as Wire-O binding but the difference would be the shape of the coil and the material used. This is perfect if you want your catalogues to be folded all the way to their back and lay flat on the surface.

Perfect binding catalogue

Perfect binding brings a more luxurious and sturdy feel when the materials are bind together. The catalogue will not fold up until its back and it won’t be able to lay flat on the surface. However, your client can go through the catalogue with ease.

Saddle stitch binding

Saddle stitch binding produces output like that of a usual notebook. It is recommended for catalogues with fewer pages as they can be bound with either a thread or staples. This is recommended for clothing brochures or other promotional materials that may require fewer pages.

Hardcover books

Hardcover book binding gives the most luxurious and sturdy feel out of all the binding options. This is recommended for both materials with just a few and many pages. The covers will be hardbound which means they can last for years. We recommend this type of binding if you want to achieve that coffee-table look for your catalogues. And also you could make a cardboard box for your book.

Catalog Printing Paper Options

Ranging from gloss to uncoated and from lighter to weightier, the paper you choose is just as important as the images and content printed on them. When you print custom catalogs printing online you can select from our premium paper stocks for a great first impression:

  • 100# Gloss Text – Our thickest paper stock. Glossy and shiny on both sides. Great for the outer and inner pages of a catalog.
  • 80# Gloss Cover – If you want the look of a magazine, this is it. Lighter than the 100#, still gives a glossy sheen for both the interior and exterior pages of your catalog.
  • 70# Uncoated Text – For a traditional look for full-color printing, this lighter, matte paper stock is ideal for both inner and outer pages.
  • 14pt Gloss Cover – Feels heavy in your hand with a shiny finish for vibrant photos and images. Because of its thickness, it provides great wear and tear, perfect for an outer cover.
  • 14pt Uncoated Cover (30% PCW) – Made of 30% post-consumer waste, this uncoated paper stock gives more of a classic look. Perfect for a corporate presentation.

Binding Options of Catalogue Printing China

With minimums starting at just 25 with as few as 8 pages, our Catalog Printing options are ideal for business presentations, academic publications and more. Choose a binding option that best suits your needs and budget:

  1. Wire-O Binding – Most popular binding method for books and formal presentation materials. A flexible wire is looped through holes in the pages to allow for a 360-degree rotation of bound pages.
  2. Plastic Coil Binding – A great option for reference catalogs and manuals that will be used often and need to stay flat. Plastic coil is available in many color options.
  3. Perfect Binding – Most popular binding method for catalogs, magazines and booklets that require a flat spine. Great for catalogs of 60 pages or more. Printing on the flat spine is available.
  4. Side Stitch Binding – Sheets are stapled together with one staple on the top left corner.
  5. Saddle Stitch Binding – After pages are collated, catalogs are bound together with two staples along the fold. Best for catalogs of 52 pages or less.