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Textbook printing are a great way to get a book into readers’ hands quickly and represent the most affordable kind of binding. It also called “perfect bound” or “trade paperback” .

Having completed hundreds of successful textbook printing projects, we understand what clients expect and require with regard to premium quality textbook printing services. This is why we handle all orders at our in-house book factory to ensure that every print meets our stringent quality standards. Every project is customized to specific client requirements whether it relates to printing, binding or finishing.

China Book Printer – Your Go-To Source for Superior Printing Services

Established in the year 2002, China Book Printer, located in Shenzhen China, is a highly reputed printing services provider operating near Hongkong. Backed by years of experience and professional expertise, we offer a wide range of professional textbook printing services to clients spread across geographical locations. Trusted the world-over for our reliability, affordability and speed, our team guarantees innovative and superior services that will exceed your expectations. We have worked on an assortment of textbook printing orders ranging from normal hardcover book, soft cover book, spiral binding, coil binding, perfect binding, and saddle stitching binding, screw binding, etc. You can trust us to complete the order on time and to the highest degree of quality. Further, while keeping our prices low, we do not compromise on the quality of the finished product.

What kind of textbook would you like to print?

Different clients have varying requirements when it comes to textbook printing. These requirements may differ based on what the educational institution demands or even the age of the person using the textbook. At China Book Printer, we offer a range of textbook binding options, some of them are listed below:

Saddle stitching– this is commonly referred to as a stitch bind, saddle wire or pamphlet stitch. Here the sampling sheets are bound together in such a manner that they fold at the spine.

Textbook Printing

Perfect binding– this also called glue bind, soft bind, cut-back bind, patent bind, adhesive bind or perfecting bind. Glue is used to bind the sheets to the cover when they have been ground to the spine. Perfect bound is the most popular with authors at our bindery.Books bound this way look great in print! Perfect binding is for all genre of books, including novels, travel accounts, spirituality or self-help, soft cover books from First Choice compete with any book on the market for professional high quality printing. Get a Quote for printing your perfect bound book.

Hardcover binding– the textbook pages can be sewn together and a leather, vinyl or cloth hard cover can be attached, with a rounded or square spine.

The choice between a paperback or hardcover is entirely left to the client. Normally, coffee table books, novels and cook books are printed as paperback books, while textbooks could either be paperback or hardcover. We use different paper stocks from 60 gsm to 200 gsm. The specifications of the cover may differ based on the option that you choose. For instance, a paperback cover will use up to 450 gsm while a hardcover will utilize a 1.5mm to 3.5mm board for additional durability.

Textbook Printing

Size and Specifications for Textbook Printing

Normally, textbook printing is done using perfect binding as the final product will be durable and will look elegant in print. Here are some of the available sizes:

Standard (197mm x 132mm)
Demy (216mm x 138mm)
A5 (210mm x 148mm)
Royal (233mm x 156mm)
Custom portrait sizes
Custom landscape sizes

If the size that you require is not listed above, do get in touch with our team or use our online quote option to get a customized quotation. All you have to do is provide your unique book specifications (such as type of binding, size and number of pages), and we will get back to you with an affordable solution. Whether you need just a single print or thousands of textbooks for an educational institution, we are your go-to team for all high-quality printing needs.

At our in-house book printing factory, we handle:


  • Printing size limit: 720*1000mm
  • Printing on paper from 60gsm to 450 gsm
  • Heidelberg 1C printing, 4C printing 5C printing, 6+1C printing


For orders outside of these specifications we partner with sub-suppliers in Shanghai to ensure timely deliveries and superb quality.

Why Our Customers Love Us

China Book Printer follows a simple and straightforward process that gets the job done well. Our clients enjoy a reliable service that is free from stress and worry. We go the extra mile to give the publisher the confidence to leave the project in our hands. At every stage, we keep our clients informed of the progress and ensure that the entire process from order to delivery, is glitch-free. For more details on our professional textbook printing services, do get in touch with our team. We will help devise an affordable printing solution so your textbooks will reflect high-quality in every page.

A professional print company provides a wide array of printing services varying from catalogue printing, brochure printing to book printing and text book printing and more. Whether you are looking for Textbook Printing or brochures printing company, it is essential to contain certain things in mind to make a wise selection:

  • As your printing job is important, it is important to visit the premises if possible to get familiar with the service provider.
  • You should ask them to show samples from your short listed printers, so you can make better comparison of their work with others. You must see if the finish as per the standard and quality you require.
  • While evaluating the quality of the printing, it is important to have attention to details to make sure the perfection is attained in printing work.
  • Price is also an important factor need to be considered. However, if the low price means low quality, it is not wise to choose such textbook printing companyso as to sustain your business in the long term. It is recommended to choose a printing company that is a bit more expensive but that offers good quality and value for money.
  • A reputed company provides good customer service with good communication and client management skills. It is always good to look for printing service provider who can manage your work entirely starting from print, personalisation, collation, finishing, binding, storage and fulfilment.
  • One must check the industry reputation of the company as well as its experience in the industry. You must not feel shy in asking for existing customers’ references and personal recommendations.

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