Coffee Table Book Printing

Coffee Table Book Printing

Custom book printing services

A coffee book is a type of book used to catch the eye of guests and pass the time. It is informative, wide-ranging and beautifully bound. Most of them are mainly hardcover books, supplemented by different workmanship to attract more eyes!

Luxury is the mark of coffee table book printing! ChinaBookPrinter have around 22 years experience to help you print your coffee table books.

Standard coffee table book dimensions of coffee table book printing

There is no standard sizes to print coffee table book.  As our experience during books printing field, we list some size offen used for coffee book printing.

Square Portrait Landscape
8"*8" 6"*9 9"*6"
8.5"*8.5" 8"*10" 10"*8"
9"*9" 8.5"*9" 10"*8"
10"*10" 8.5"*12" 12"*8.5"
10.5"*10.5" 9"*11" 11"*9"
11"*11" 9"*12" 12"*9"

Due to the space limited, we have not list all common sizes used. Please contact us for more suggestions when you have no idea about your coffee book to print.

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No standard solution for coffee book printing services. In order to show it more attractive, please contact our team and we will suggest more to help.


Paper for inner pages of coffee table book printing

The most frequencely for inner pages are offset paper, glossy/matte coated paper, which have different weight as below:

Coated Paper Offset Paper
105gsm 80gsm
128gsm 100gsm
157gsm 120gsm
200gsm 140gsm

These are common paper material used for coffee book, and glossy coated paper is the most to be used. Also, we could provide other special paper or color paper for your books. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via the blow form.

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We lead the industry with superior, innovative offset products and provide cheap short run printing service. Chinabookprinter help many customers grow their business and delight their valued clients. All publisher over the world is using China book Printing. So we have to use the highest quality stock and finishing materials as per your requirements.

Reasonable Prices

The custom quotation could be provide during 2 Chinese working hours and prices list with different options.

Free Samples

In order to make sure the printing services is safe. Our team will make a sample freely and take video for your confirmation.

Quality & Safety

Our clients are all over the world. Our company could help to ask them to certificate us to be a reliable supplier.

Door to door shipping

Normally we need 8-13 working days to finish printing and delivery to your door. Door to door services help you save many time.

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