Custom Artbook Printing Services

Our artbook printing services are finalized, the printing service provider handles the production process, including printing, binding, and finishing, to deliver a finished artbook that meets the designer’s expectations, similar as aboved picture book printing services. Custom artbook printing services often offer a range of options and choices, allowing artists to create unique, high-quality artbooks that reflect their artistic vision and style. And our team will suggest you the surface finishing or binding solution depends on your budget.

Common Artbook Sizes

Portrait sizes

  • 4.25″×11″=108*279mm
  • 5.5″.x8.5″=140*216mm
  • 6″×9″=152*229mm
  • 8.5″×11″=216*279mm
  • A4 (8.27″×11.69″)=210*297mm
  • A5 (5.83″×8.27″)=148*210mm
  • A6 (4.13″×5.83″)=105*148mm

Landscape sizes

  • 8.5″×11″=279*216mm
  • 9″×6″= 229*152mm
  • 10″×8″=254*203mm

Square sizes

  • 6″×6″=152*152mm
  • 8″×8″=203*203mm
  • 10″×10″=254*254mm
  • 12″×12″=305*305mm

And we suggest to change the sizes into Chinese sizes to save cost if there is possible. For example, Chinese A4 is 210*285mm, A5 is 210*145mm. These Chinese sizes could help your paper cost saved, especially for uncoated paper. Don’t worry, our sales representatives will help quote you both prices for your reference.

Professional Artbook Printing Manufacturer China

Chinabookprinter is a professional artbook printing in Shenzhen China, nearby Hongkong. From this video, you could see our printing machines, binding lines, and etc. We provide lower MOQ as 500pcs for all different binding solution. Contact us via the form on bottom or top button to get a precise quotation.

What paper material used for custom artbook printing?

When it comes to choosing the paper for custom artbook printing, there are several factors to consider, including the desired look and feel of the artbook, the type of artwork being showcased, and personal preferences. Here are some commonly used paper options for custom artbook printing:

Artbook Printing
  • Matte Paper: Matte paper has a non-glossy, smooth surface that minimizes glare and reflections. It is a popular choice for artbooks as it offers a more subdued and elegant look. Matte paper is often preferred for artbooks featuring drawings, paintings, or fine art photography.
  • Glossy Paper: Glossy paper has a shiny and reflective surface that enhances color saturation and contrast. It provides a vibrant and glossy finish to the printed images, making them appear more vibrant and eye-catching. Glossy paper is commonly used for artbooks showcasing high-contrast photographs or images with rich colors.
  • Semi-Gloss Paper: Semi-gloss paper offers a middle ground between matte and glossy paper. It provides a subtle sheen and moderate reflectivity, striking a balance between sharpness and reduced glare. This type of paper is versatile and can be suitable for various types of artwork, including photographs, illustrations, and mixed media.
  • Fine Art Paper: Fine art paper is a high-quality paper specifically designed for art prints. It often has a textured surface or a unique feel that adds depth and character to the printed images. Fine art paper is commonly used for artbooks featuring paintings, sketches, or prints that aim to replicate the look and feel of traditional art mediums.
  • Coated Paper: Coated paper has a smooth and glossy surface created by applying a coating of clay or other compounds. It offers excellent color reproduction and sharpness, making it suitable for artbooks with detailed images, illustrations, or digital artworks. Coated paper can come in various finishes, such as high gloss, satin, or semi-gloss.
  • Uncoated Paper: Uncoated paper has a natural and tactile texture without any additional coatings. It provides a more organic and rustic feel to the artbook and is often favored for artbooks with a handmade or artistic aesthetic. 

What binding solution for art book printing services

Most popular artbook printing is perfect binding or saddle stitching, due to more fast to bind and cheaper cost than hardcover binding books. After sewn, the artbooks could be open flat from the middle as the pictures show as below. And also you could design it as coil binding artbooks, or YO binding, or any kind of binding as you want. Our team will be happy to help to build.

Best Photo Books
Photo Books Printing

Another option is our best-selling Hardcover Photo Book Printing, a featured product when our company first launched and still a crowd favorite to this day. The Hardcover Photo Book Printing is custom bound in fabric with your choice of a smooth finish full-sized or partial dust jacket. Showcase your photos on up to 300 pages for a book that speaks volumes. For a more casual option consider our Softcover and Instagram Friendly photo books. Both books can be started with as few as 25 photos making these perfect items to capture those weekend getaways or for quick personalized gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, you name it! Both our hardcover and softcover photo books printing feature interior pages printed on 100% recycled paper.

Artbook Printing

What's the prices for artbook printing

The artbook printing services are fully customized by size, No.of pages, different binding and quantity. Each data will leads to a different prices. Please share your specification to quote a best prices. And also we list a quotation for common size with details as below for your reference. 

Perfect Photo Book

Sample of quotation details

1, size: 200*200mm

2, No.of pages: 4pp cover and 12pp inner pages

3, Cover: 250gsm paper printed and glossy lmainted

4, Inner pages:128gsm glossy paper

5, binding: saddle stitching binding as the picture you provide

6, unit price: 0.88USD/pcs for 500pcs (factory price)

Details of artbook booklet printing to quote

The size and other details is no limited by the left sample. All the data and prices for your reference. And our representative will help to provide precise quotation for you when got the data you want. And more copies will be helpful to reduce the unit price down.

What's the packaging and shipping cost from China

Packaging solution:   every 20-30 books be packaged into one carton. And weight of each carton will be below 18kg. The place all cartons on the pallet to protect books safely on the way.

Shipping solution: suggest ship the artbooks by sea when the quantity to be shipped is over 100pcs books. You know, the weight of books is heavy than other products, so the delivery cost by air is more expensive than printing itself. If there is possible, the shipping cost is cheaper when set your unloading port as below:(list parts for your reference)

Big and cheap unloading ports: 

USA:  Seattle,Los Angles, San Francisco, Houston,New York.

Canada: Vancouver, Montreal

Australia: Sydney, Melbourne, Perth

UK: Felixtowe, Southampton

Europe: Pairs,Rotterdam, Berlin, Barcelona,Madrid


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