27 12, 2017

Benefits of Printing Books in China


With rising cost and competition in print business worldwide, it has become herculean task for publishers to leap ahead of their competitors. Printing book is one of the most crucial and challenging task for any publishers. It also demands a lot in terms of money to publish a book. In the last few decades, China book printing companies have emerged as popular choice of book publishers all across the globe.

Whether you need offset printing, company newspapersletters or brochures or magazines printed in bulk quantity, print companies in China usually provide all sorts of commercial printing services. If the printing is a backbone of your business, outsourcing printing to Printing Services China can be profitable decision. These companies offer quality printing services at competitive prices.

More and more publishers are outsourcing printing to book printer China. The availability of cheap labor, modern printing equipment and a large number of printing companies have made printing books in China as popular choices of the publishers worldwide. Most of the printing companies provide cost effective solutions for self-publishers. It is advisable to look for reputed and renowned printing companies in China, ask for the samples to get familiar with the quality of the work and get quotes from two to four companies to make a better decision.

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26 12, 2017

Hiring Magazine & Book Printing Company in China

China book printing

China book printing

Magazine printing demands innovation, attention to details and expertise in printing technology. It is always good to hire printing companies having specialisation in printing magazine China to fulfil your needs.

China book printing companies provide full range of services to help you deliver your desired magazine project in real life. From large sized publications to standard sized magazines, these companies provide a varied range of solutions with the perfect combination of styles and colors. As China book printing companies are engaged in printing a variety of magazines, they tend to have a deeper sense of the fine details and resources. Most of the good companies provide customized solutions to meet your specific needs including size of the piece, type of paper, protective coating for cover, mailing and distribution services, e

While looking for China book printing company, it is essential that your chosen company should have quality publication printers specialising in producing magazines. One must avoid delegating magazine printing task to broker or reseller companies as they have least control over the actual production and they charge higher due to mark up prices.

It is also advisable to find out what current and former clients have to say about potential printing company through online reviews. A well-established company will have good reputation in the market. It is equally important to have a look at their portfolio and compare the work and quote of few companies before making a final decision.

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21 11, 2017

China Custom Book Printer For Creative Magazine Printing


A Custom Book Printing is a periodical that contains short articles on topics of popular interest and current events, often unsigned. These magazines are also considered as commercial publications that appear a regular interval, under the same title, and are intended for a general or popular audience.

Magazine printing is an important type of printing that provides entertainment and information at the same time. Our high quality printing will help you improve your business development and assist you with your marketing needs. Successful custom magazine printing involves an eye catching design, the right stock type, and the most advanced printing facility to successfully handle your Custom Book Printing requirements.
Chinabookprinter.com is the best place to get printed high quality magazines at lowest price.

Our company is offering you an affordable way of printing magazines you need for your company. We make it easier for you to create custom magazine prints through the magazine printing services that we offer available via our website. We have the capabilities you need in creating a magazine that turn heads.

Custom magazine printing is great for companies and businesses who want to create a product for their customers where they can keep up with the latest industry news. Magazine printing allows you to create content such as news stories, feature stories, FAQs, story advertisements, and other detailed information that cannot fit into a brochure or booklet.

We print magazines in fine-looking features, considering the specifications that you have for the project. If you want to be sure in the quality of your magazines, you must utilize only the Custom Book Printing services that our company is offering to you. You can request for some samples of our products to let you know that we are true to our words. You can check our site for more details regarding the printing processes that we use in printing. We have years of experience and produce the highest quality custom magazines. No matter your magazine size or print needs, we have you covered.

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16 11, 2017

Best Hardcover Book Printing In China



Hardcover books showcase quality with a sleek yet sturdy look and portray values with prominent sizing. Choosing book printing helps you stand out on the shelf, instantly drawing eyes and curiosity. All of our hardbound books are designed to last for years to come, making them a great addition to any reader’s collection China Book Printing.

 has many names – hardbound, case bound, hardback, bound book – but they all share the same meaning: quality presentation.

We believe in helping authors make their publishing dreams come true, and do our very best to help them along their journey of publishing their life’s work.

We make hardcover book printing easy and affordable. See the many advantages of printing with China Book Printing

  • Best Quality in the Book Industry
    Cover Templates
  • Interior Text Templates and Tutorials
  • Custom Cover Design
  • Great Phone and Email support

The covers on our hard cover books are made with 98 pt. binder’s board that can then be covered with a printed cover wrap, cloth or faux (imitation) leather material. China book printer offers case wrapped hardbound book binding, we do not offer cloth or leather wrapping.

You can check for more details regarding the printing processes that we use in printing.


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27 10, 2017

How to Choose Between Offset Printing and Digital Printing?


Offset lithography is traditional and most common printing technology in which print image is burned onto a plate and then transferred to a rubber blanket, and then to the printing surface. Digital printing is a cheaper low volume printing that requires less mechanical steps than offset printing. Both forms of printing has their own pros and cons. When you are looking for larger quantity, digital printing proves to be cheaper than offset printing. However, offset printing is capable of working on a wide range of printing surfaces and provides high image quality printing solutions. Even in the era of digital revolution, a large number of readers prefer to choose traditional books over eBooks.

Most of the reputed China book printing Novel Printing companies provide both traditional and digital printing solutions usually combined for book publishing. In order to choose from the traditional and digital printing solutions, it is essential for author to consider the content of the book. If you are looking to enhance your static content with images and web links, you can consider digital printing. It is advisable to look for reputed and renowned China book printing companies to get the right advice and reliable printing solutions. Most of the good companies provide a wide array of printing services such as Novel Printing, magazine printing, books printing and lot more.

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24 10, 2017

Role & Significance of Magazine Printing Company


A book cannot be judged by its cover but its cover play vital role in attracting the readers. Whether you aregetting your first book published or you are looking for Magazine Printing China Company to publish your magazine, the quality of printing pays a vital role in success of your book or magazine.

The quality of printing creates a reputation of your work upon the readers. It is important to choose your printing company wisely. A magazine printing China company becomes your guide and companion in getting your book published in the right way. With their years of experience in the industry, they can help you in making your journey from writer to author easier. They provide customised solutions to meet your varied needs. For instance, most of the print magazine China companies offer an array of book binding options such as perfect binding, saddle stitching, spiral binding, adhesive case wrap etc. They also make sure your book is finished with professionally designed covers finished with a soft matte or polished gloss.

The quality of your book largely depends on the quality of printing equipment used for it. The printer must be in good condition to provide the desired effect. Thus it is essential to choose your printing company wisely considering the factors like industry reputation, experience, quality of the paper, printing technology and customer services and the prices.

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5 10, 2017

No Need To Wasting Time Looking For Publishers, The Chinese Book Print Is Here To Help!


There are plenty of people who have dreamt about writing their own novel but when it comes to putting your imagination into words many of them fail to do so, but you actually made this happen, from the first word to first sentence to the final book with uncountable numbers of editing. Your novel is ready now, ready to be published but now comes the real job. Searching for a China Book Printing publishing company who will have trust on you and publish your book ?

Was writing a novel difficult? Yes. Was it troublesome? Obviously was it worth it? O Yes Of course! Now that you have done the difficult part of the process we’ll tell you few steps that should be contemplated before going to the publisher to get your book published:

  1. Page Formatting: Jumbled pages should arrange and attached properly in order to let you understand your thought process.

  1. Paper Quality: Good quality of paper should be used so that your content can be read properly.

  1. Cover Design: The cover design of a novel should be such that, that it must reflect the whole theme of the novel.
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19 09, 2017

Need An Extra Touch To Your Magazine? Get It Published With Us!!


Magazines are a great source of information whether it is of any genre such sports, news, current affairs even fashion related tips and styles. A great profit of these magazines is they consist of short articles also decorated with pictures to make it more interesting and stress-free. Unlike the novel, a magazine is a low budget with less no of pages type journal.

Some love to read and some love to write. Writing a magazine may sound easy but it is actually not. Finding and drafting articles after plenty of edits includes the writing of magazine. Magazine writer should be updated with the trends of the society and changing needs of the readers. For acquiring success a magazine writer must write engaging texts or articles to keep his readers engaged

With China Book Printer you get affordable Magazine Printing China  with awesome quality with UV coated a page which gives your magazine pages a luscious finish. China book printers give both low budget and also bulk projects. We are specialist in the short run to small amount also a bulk amount over 1000, in order to give you quotes according to your monthly or annual publications.

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7 09, 2017

Crucial Needs of Highly Competitive Magazine Industry


When you are looking to publish a magazine, it is important to look for printing company offering quality printing solutions only. When the printing quality is compromised, it will create bad impression and won’t attract the readers. In the highly competitive magazine industry, it is important to consider printing quality as an important factor in choosing any Magazine Printing China company. While choosing any China magazine printing company, it is essential to consider certain factors to get the best output such as size and type of paper, paper stocks, paper finish type, content etc.


Most of the reputed magazine printing companies make sure that magazines are printed on high-quality glossy papers as it helps them attract their readers

Also, most of the magazine publishers use saddle stitched or perfect bound methods. Saddle stich binding method is consisting of a wire used for gathering together the folded sheets and then stapled through the fold line with wire staples. It is typically used for magazines with 72 or lesspages. Perfect bound method creates a square back by using strong thermal glue for gluing the pages and cover together. It is suitable for magazines with more than 72 pages especially if the text pages are on a heavier stock. If you are searching for magazine printing companies then it is advisable that you look for China book printing companies that offer high-quality and professional print services and solutions.

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29 08, 2017

Advantages of Catalogues Printing For Businesses


Direct marketing has proven to be effective method of advertising for over decades. A catalogue is an important source of direct advertisement. It informs customers about your products and services and encourages your customers to buy them. Nowadays, catalogues printing companies create digital as well as print versions of catalogues for promoting brands and attracting customers.  These companies generally offer an array of printing services like novel printing, magazine printing, book printing etc. There are many benefits of investing in Catalogues Printing your business:

  • A catalogue allows your potential clients to view your offerings in a structured and organise manner.
  • It gives a professional image to your business. Especially in B2B dealings, most of the companies ask for catalogue of your products and services.
  • Even small businesses can take advantage of advertising their business through catalogues.
  • It is convenient and economical way of advertising your products

Before selecting any printing company, you should determine your needs, budget, color choices, paper type and, of course, content. Also, you should always carefully check the information within your catalogs before sending it off for the printing. Also, you should make sure that all content is accurate and that customers are provided with all of the necessary information to purchase the product. When you invest in a catalogs printing, you invest in your brand image. It is important to look for reputed and reliable printing company to get the best quality catalogues to promote your business.

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