21 11, 2017

China Custom Book Printer For Creative Magazine Printing


A Custom Book Printing is a periodical that contains short articles on topics of popular interest and current events, often unsigned. These magazines are also considered as commercial publications that appear a regular interval, under the same title, and are intended for a general or popular audience.

Magazine printing is an important type of printing that provides entertainment and information at the same time. Our high quality printing will help you improve your business development and assist you with your marketing needs. Successful custom magazine printing involves an eye catching design, the right stock type, and the most advanced printing facility to successfully handle your Custom Book Printing requirements.
Chinabookprinter.com is the best place to get printed high quality magazines at lowest price.

Our company is offering you an affordable way of printing magazines you need for your company. We make it easier for you to create custom magazine prints through the magazine printing services that we offer available via our website. We have the capabilities you need in creating a magazine that turn heads.

Custom magazine printing is great for companies and businesses who want to create a product for their customers where they can keep up with the latest industry news. Magazine printing allows you to create content such as news stories, feature stories, FAQs, story advertisements, and other detailed information that cannot fit into a brochure or booklet.

We print magazines in fine-looking features, considering the specifications that you have for the project. If you want to be sure in the quality of your magazines, you must utilize only the Custom Book Printing services that our company is offering to you. You can request for some samples of our products to let you know that we are true to our words. You can check our site for more details regarding the printing processes that we use in printing. We have years of experience and produce the highest quality custom magazines. No matter your magazine size or print needs, we have you covered.

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16 11, 2017

Best Hardcover Book Printing In China



Hardcover books showcase quality with a sleek yet sturdy look and portray values with prominent sizing. Choosing book printing helps you stand out on the shelf, instantly drawing eyes and curiosity. All of our hardbound books are designed to last for years to come, making them a great addition to any reader’s collection China Book Printing.

 has many names – hardbound, case bound, hardback, bound book – but they all share the same meaning: quality presentation.

We believe in helping authors make their publishing dreams come true, and do our very best to help them along their journey of publishing their life’s work.

We make hardcover book printing easy and affordable. See the many advantages of printing with China Book Printing

  • Best Quality in the Book Industry
    Cover Templates
  • Interior Text Templates and Tutorials
  • Custom Cover Design
  • Great Phone and Email support

The covers on our hard cover books are made with 98 pt. binder’s board that can then be covered with a printed cover wrap, cloth or faux (imitation) leather material. China book printer offers case wrapped hardbound book binding, we do not offer cloth or leather wrapping.

You can check for more details regarding the printing processes that we use in printing.


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27 10, 2017

How to Choose Between Offset Printing and Digital Printing?


Offset lithography is traditional and most common printing technology in which print image is burned onto a plate and then transferred to a rubber blanket, and then to the printing surface. Digital printing is a cheaper low volume printing that requires less mechanical steps than offset printing. Both forms of printing has their own pros and cons. When you are looking for larger quantity, digital printing proves to be cheaper than offset printing. However, offset printing is capable of working on a wide range of printing surfaces and provides high image quality printing solutions. Even in the era of digital revolution, a large number of readers prefer to choose traditional books over eBooks.

Most of the reputed China book printing Novel Printing companies provide both traditional and digital printing solutions usually combined for book publishing. In order to choose from the traditional and digital printing solutions, it is essential for author to consider the content of the book. If you are looking to enhance your static content with images and web links, you can consider digital printing. It is advisable to look for reputed and renowned China book printing companies to get the right advice and reliable printing solutions. Most of the good companies provide a wide array of printing services such as Novel Printing, magazine printing, books printing and lot more.

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24 10, 2017

Role & Significance of Magazine Printing Company


A book cannot be judged by its cover but its cover play vital role in attracting the readers. Whether you aregetting your first book published or you are looking for Magazine Printing China Company to publish your magazine, the quality of printing pays a vital role in success of your book or magazine.

The quality of printing creates a reputation of your work upon the readers. It is important to choose your printing company wisely. A magazine printing China company becomes your guide and companion in getting your book published in the right way. With their years of experience in the industry, they can help you in making your journey from writer to author easier. They provide customised solutions to meet your varied needs. For instance, most of the print magazine China companies offer an array of book binding options such as perfect binding, saddle stitching, spiral binding, adhesive case wrap etc. They also make sure your book is finished with professionally designed covers finished with a soft matte or polished gloss.

The quality of your book largely depends on the quality of printing equipment used for it. The printer must be in good condition to provide the desired effect. Thus it is essential to choose your printing company wisely considering the factors like industry reputation, experience, quality of the paper, printing technology and customer services and the prices.

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19 09, 2017

Need An Extra Touch To Your Magazine? Get It Published With Us!!


Magazines are a great source of information whether it is of any genre such sports, news, current affairs even fashion related tips and styles. A great profit of these magazines is they consist of short articles also decorated with pictures to make it more interesting and stress-free. Unlike the novel, a magazine is a low budget with less no of pages type journal.

Some love to read and some love to write. Writing a magazine may sound easy but it is actually not. Finding and drafting articles after plenty of edits includes the writing of magazine. Magazine writer should be updated with the trends of the society and changing needs of the readers. For acquiring success a magazine writer must write engaging texts or articles to keep his readers engaged

With China Book Printer you get affordable Magazine Printing China  with awesome quality with UV coated a page which gives your magazine pages a luscious finish. China book printers give both low budget and also bulk projects. We are specialist in the short run to small amount also a bulk amount over 1000, in order to give you quotes according to your monthly or annual publications.

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7 09, 2017

Crucial Needs of Highly Competitive Magazine Industry


When you are looking to publish a magazine, it is important to look for printing company offering quality printing solutions only. When the printing quality is compromised, it will create bad impression and won’t attract the readers. In the highly competitive magazine industry, it is important to consider printing quality as an important factor in choosing any Magazine Printing China company. While choosing any China magazine printing company, it is essential to consider certain factors to get the best output such as size and type of paper, paper stocks, paper finish type, content etc.


Most of the reputed magazine printing companies make sure that magazines are printed on high-quality glossy papers as it helps them attract their readers

Also, most of the magazine publishers use saddle stitched or perfect bound methods. Saddle stich binding method is consisting of a wire used for gathering together the folded sheets and then stapled through the fold line with wire staples. It is typically used for magazines with 72 or lesspages. Perfect bound method creates a square back by using strong thermal glue for gluing the pages and cover together. It is suitable for magazines with more than 72 pages especially if the text pages are on a heavier stock. If you are searching for magazine printing companies then it is advisable that you look for China book printing companies that offer high-quality and professional print services and solutions.

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29 08, 2017

Advantages of Catalogues Printing For Businesses


Direct marketing has proven to be effective method of advertising for over decades. A catalogue is an important source of direct advertisement. It informs customers about your products and services and encourages your customers to buy them. Nowadays, catalogues printing companies create digital as well as print versions of catalogues for promoting brands and attracting customers.  These companies generally offer an array of printing services like novel printing, magazine printing, book printing etc. There are many benefits of investing in Catalogues Printing your business:

  • A catalogue allows your potential clients to view your offerings in a structured and organise manner.
  • It gives a professional image to your business. Especially in B2B dealings, most of the companies ask for catalogue of your products and services.
  • Even small businesses can take advantage of advertising their business through catalogues.
  • It is convenient and economical way of advertising your products

Before selecting any printing company, you should determine your needs, budget, color choices, paper type and, of course, content. Also, you should always carefully check the information within your catalogs before sending it off for the printing. Also, you should make sure that all content is accurate and that customers are provided with all of the necessary information to purchase the product. When you invest in a catalogs printing, you invest in your brand image. It is important to look for reputed and reliable printing company to get the best quality catalogues to promote your business.

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13 07, 2017

Growing Popularity of Catalog Printing in China


China Book Printing is a reliable printing service providing company which was established in the year 2002. They have pioneered the art of Catalog Printing China. Their clients are very happy and satisfied with their efforts and thus expect the same quality of performance of the different categories of printing services offered by them.

Some of the features for the catalog printing offered by them are as follows:

  • They offer both side printing for the catalog which means that printing is possible on the front and the back side of the catalog.
  • For extra sheen and protection, optional UV coating can be given.
  • 4 to 64 pages of customized printing are offered.
  • They offer optional coil binding.

The company is an optimum book printer in China. Thus the clients are very happy and satisfied with the performance of their services. They can provide the best delivery of the order even during the peak season of work.

China Book Printing is popular across the globe. They use the best quality paper for the printing purposes. The requirements of the clients are discussed and then as per the budget, the best option is offered to them. They strive to attain 100% satisfaction which they have been able to achieve undoubtedly.


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25 05, 2017

Worry of purchase from China


What do you worry when you wanted to purchase from China and resell in your country?

Just saw this hot topic in Quora and will list the both answers & questions for your reference. Then provide our suggestion about purchase from China. (the answers & questions is in grey background)

Hello Resellers and Entrepreneurs,

I’m doing a survey for below and would request for your input.

What are your worries when you wanted to purchase from China and resell in your countries?

If your answer is not as below, please post in the comment.

P.S: If you would like to know the final result after the poll, please leave your email or comment below and I will let you know later.

Thank you.


purchase from China

Buying from China and selling back home has its own share of challenges :

  • Why is the price so low as compared to the one produced in Japan or South Korea . What’s the catch ??
  • But the price is too tempting … and all my competitors buy from China
  • Does the QC checked stamp mean anything
  • There are mostly two contracts one in English and one in Chinese … which one will be the overriding contract if there is a dispute
  • Legal jurisdiction , English law or Chinese Law , Arbitration in Shanghai , HK or Singapore ?
  • Hope  no labor law has been violated to produce these goods.
  • Best of luck to all my customers.

However China has come a long way in their quality control . I remember when China started producing bulk vessels during the commodity boom the quality was very poor. A new vessel came to India and one of its crane just fell apart ? The price of the new built vessels was around 30 pct cheaper as compared to vessels build in Japan .

The price differential remains the same. However the quality has drastically improved .

Shipping by sea | CBP Printing

As the topic shows every one is worry about the problems from China, also they would like to do purchase there due to low cost will bring high profit. Is all goods and suppliers is bad quality and bad guys in China. No. My answers is it’s only part of suppliers. So there is popular saying that there is no cheapest price and only have cheaper price in China.

Maybe China is a best choice to purchase due to the technology growing everyday and the cost is cheaper than other country, such as Korea and Japan. And the whole industry system is much better than Indian and Vietnam. For example, our business is paper book printing, magazine printing, paper bag and boxes supplier. There will be much different price from Chinese suppliers when you inquiry. Now, who should be trust? Is the cheapest one or the most expensive ones?  Both is wrong way to do. The best way is to find a middle ones and make a proof based on your own artwork. Then you can check the quality when you got them in hand. Sample is the best one to trust.

Or you can visit their factory, also could ask your friends to visit their factory when they been there. Only the factory can control the profit and quality.

At last, you can click this button

Quote a Price
 to inquiry the printing service cost with your specification if you are interested in.

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Book Printing Services


book printing services

Book Printing Services

We provide overseas hardcover books, soft cover books, children books, board books, cook books, coffee table books ..etc. And CBP offers environmentally responsible commercial printing solutions. It include FSC-certified and FSC-certified recycled papers.

Too many words will make you confused. The important points of book printing include printing and binding way of books. Please check it as below.

Printing of Books

Color Printing
In addition to being a book publisher, CBP Printing also offers book printing services. We can print hardcover, softcover (paperback), spiral bound, or saddle stitch books. Unlike other book printers, we can fill orders from retailers such as Amazon and distributors directly from our in-house manufacturing facility.

Black/White & Color Printing
We can print your book in black/white, color, or a combination of the two. Color is an option that can enhance the look of your book. A popular choice is to print the pages of the book in black/white and have the cover in color.book printing services

Binding of Books

Suitable binding enhances the look and feel of a book, giving it a timeless visual appeal along with extra durability. We could provide professional suggestion for which binding it’s best for your books. It’s perfect for fiction and nonfiction works, motivational books, textbooks, photo books, coffee-table books, and art portfolios. And more suggestions when you contact.

Hardcover Binding

Softcover Binding

Saddle Stiching

Spiral Binding


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Case Bound Book Printing


What is a case bound book?

Case bound book produces a hard backed book that is strong and durable such as a commemorative book or a register. Cased-in books are made of grey board and covered with printed and laminated paper. They can also be covered with material such as PVC coated paper, book cloth, leather cloth or real leather.

Case bound book and books printing is the ideal book style of many people pursuing collections of exquisite books. It has also become the promoting way of many merchants who utilizes the qualities of case bound book printing technology, such as its collection value, visual beauty and so on, to promote their own products.

Case bound book have many names – hardbound, hardcover, hardback, bound book ,edition bound book– but they all share the same meaning: quality presentation.

case bound book printing

Most often, a case bound book has five distinctives:

  1. Cover is hard or stiff
  2. Covers are “wrapped”
  3. Smythe sewn sections
  4. Two end papers (inside the covers)
  5. Divided by the spine forms, there are square spine and round spineround spine hardcover book

There are two exceptions:

  • Pages are perfect bound rather than Smythe sewn and then bound into a hard cover
  • Some covers—but very few—may be flexible rather than hard

Anatomy of a case bound book:

case binding book

The image above is a diagram of a case bound book. These are the basic elements of a case bound book:

Headbands are the ribbon that is inserted in the spine and shows at the top and bottom of the spine in the finished book
Headbands are purely decorative (no function) but may lend a vintage or design element to the finished book
Some case bound books have no headbands
About 30% of case bound books have no headband; of those which do, 70% have two headbands and 30% have one headband

End papers, until recently, were always white
Most end papers in case bound books, that we bind, are now coloured
30% of the books, that we bind, are wrapped with printed litho sheets, rather than wrapped in cloth
Over 90% of the case bound books we bind are square-backed rather than round-backed spines

Dust jackets: case wrapped books that are only stamped can look very bland with dust jackets. Dust jackets give the book an esthetic or artistic appeal. The dust jacket sets the mood or tone of the book, positions it within its genre, or provides hard-hitting sales copy.

How a case bound book is made:

A case bound book is laid out digitally page by page using a special layout program. This procedure is called “Imposing the pages,” which produce large sheets that contain 6 or 8 pages per side.These days, this layout is the basis for “etching” the 4 color plates that are used to produce full color printing.For each side of a large press sheet four large metal plates are produced, one for each of the 4 colors used for full color printing: C – Cyan, M – Magenta, Y – Yellow, K – Black. These plates are fitted onto four cylinders which are inked from trays of ink at the top of the cylinder. These are now frequently fitted automatically, but only a few years ago, and still at some printing plants, these sheets were fitted by hand.

The large sheets of paper, called forms, are fed through rollers which are opposite the plates. The rollers press against the plates and transfer the ink which is sitting in the etched pits in the plates, to the paper. Four colors of ink are laid on top of each other as the sheets pass through the press which has 4 sets of rollers and plates .case binding book

End of the press

At the other end of the press the sheets fall into a stack, and a pressman is there watching to make sure the sheets are printing correctly. If the color is not looking correct, they slow down the presses and make the correct color adjustments. Some dust may have gotten onto the press sheets, and the pressmen find it, remove it, and move on. Then once both sides of the forms are printed and the ink is dry, the sheets are folded so that the pages become little booklets 12 or 16 pages long, called “signatures”.

When you look at a press sheet some of the pages will be upside down, some will be right side up, and most of them do not seem to be in the expected order. That’s because they still need to be folded. To get an idea of what this looks like, take a piece of xerox paper and fold it in half starting with it in a horizontal format, then fold the longest side again, and then again.

You now have 16 pages. Put the folded long side on the left. Cut the folds off the other edges. Now draw a little triangle with the pointy end up on the lower outer edge of each page, and inside the triangle put the page number in sequence starting at one, going through 16.

When you unfold the “booklet” you will find some interesting things out about book layout. Notice which pages are right side up and upside down. You will notice some double page spreads are together, most are not. As you study this sheet you will understand a lot more about book production. Every designer should do this exercise!

casebound bookcase bound book

Case Bound Book Design and Layout Services:

Our experienced team also offers high quality layout and design services. We set up your manuscript into a professional format before printing. And our graphics team can also create book cover designs based on your ideas. We also print marketing collateral to promote your book including poster and flyers.


Much wider range of materials to wrap cases
Designers are colour-matching end papers, head bands and ribbons
More unusual sizes are available
More high-end ‘coffee-table’ books are being produced locally rather than in China. Even though delivery time lines from China are shrinking, the increasing demand for even quicker turnaround times, designers’ creative input and last-minute changes account for the move away from use of offshore suppliers.
More add-ons such as various colours of thread in one book; metal corners; fold-outs; step-cutting; box sleeves; edge-staining; foil gilding are available from our firm.

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10 Things Of High Quality Books Printing Services


china book printing-cbp printingWith so many book printers out there, why choose CBP printing? We specialize in high quality books printing, but we also have the most competitive pricing you’ll find in the market. we pay personal attention to you and your projects, and we’re serious about on-time delivery.

As a leading China printer, CBP printing has invested in the equipment needed to give our publishers and authors access to as many services as possible. For example, short-run digital books printing is possible with our state-of-the-art presses. And bindery equipment that can quickly produce black or four-color books in a variety of bindings. Adding full colour cover production to make your cover pop, and help your book stand out on any shelf.


Our digital presses allow us to produce lower quantities of books without sacrificing quality. If you need high-end, four-color offset printing or need to print up to 50,000 copies of your book CBP printing can do that too.
CBP Printing also offers print-on-demand (POD) services for publishers that meet certain thresholds. Criteria may include the total number of titles in a publisher’s repertoire, demonstrated sales activity, and other similar factors. If you’re curious whether POD is right for you, please request a free quote. And one of CBP’ account executives will help you decide which books printing method is best.

CBP printing and binding equipment is on-site in one China location, allowing us to use the best books printing  for your project, to control production timelines, and maintain the highest quality standards.

Books Printing Timeline

books printing| CBP Printing

Production Time

Below is our normal production time in business days after we receive your correct file submission. And books printing production begins “After Final Proof Approval.” And shipping time is additional. Faster Turnaround Time is available and may incur an additional cost. Please let us know if you have a special deadline.

  • PDF Soft Proof Online – 1-2 days

  • Bound Proof Paperback – 2-3 days

  • Bound Proof Hardcover – 1-3 days

  • Bound Proof Wire Bound – 2-3 days

  • Bound Proof Booklet – 1-2 days

  • Book Production Paperback – 3-5 days

  • Book Production Hardcover – 5-7 days

  • Book Production Wire Bound – 5-7days

  • Book Production Booklets – 3-5 days

  • Shipping/Delivery Time – 2-4days

Books Printing File Formats

We request the entire layout and formatting of the inside pages be saved as a PDF file with all fonts and images embedded, and saved at 300 dpi resolution. spinewidthThe inside pages should be created to the finished trim size of the book and saved as one complete PDF file containing all inside pages.
Add blank pages wherever you feel is appropriate to end up with an (even) number of pages. The outside cover should be composed together as one separate file including the front, spine, and rear cover. Extend an .125 inch bleed all around the perimeter of the composed book cover. Save as a PDF file with all fonts and images embedded, and saved at 300 dpi resolution for a best quality books printing.


1.Always supply as single pages, never double page spreads.

2.Paperbacks and hardbacks require a spine. The size is defined by the number and weight of pages. A spine under 4mm is considered unsuitable for text.

3.Ensure your book has sufficient margins. We recommend 10-15mm top, bottom and outside edge and 15-20mm on the binding edge.

4.If you are including page numbers, ensure they are not placed on the binding edge.

5.Covers should be supplied as separate files. If not supplied separately, it may affect the running order of your books printing.

6.Booklet pages must be in multiples of 4, this does not include the cover,which is more important of top quality books printing.


1.The bleed is the area at the edge of a document which gives the printer an amount of space to allow a cleaner finish for trimming.printing services china | 3mm bleeding

2.We require 3mm bleeding on all edges for jobs with any images, backgrounds or
colours that extend to the edge of the page – check diagram.

3.For example, an A5 book’s dimensions are 210mm x 148mm; with 5mm bleed it will be 220mm x 158mm

4.The extra 5mm bleed will be cut off, any important text or images should not appear in or near this area.

Book Binding Services

  • Perfect bind
  • Hardcover bound
  • Saddle-stitch
  • PUR
  • Lay-flat
  • PUR
  • Plastic coil
  • Double wire-o
  • Plastic comb
  • Adhesive case
  • Smyth sewn case
  • Stamped cloth and jacketed case

Paper Stock Options

Paper is sold by weight. So within a particular paper category a heavier sheet is more expensive than a lighter weighing sheet. In general Coated Paper is more expensive than Offset Paper. To help determine the thickness of your book we have listed how many pages per inch “ppi” each paper is. Our papers are also acid-free for archival quality and our paper merchants are environmentally responsible. And the paper is key to a high quality books printing.

  • 50#, 60#, 70#, and 80# white text
  • 50#, 55#, and 60# natural (cream) text
  • 70#, 80#, and 100# coated enamel and matte text
  • 7 pt. coated matte text
  • 10 pt. and 12 pt. C1S cover
  • Other paper stocks available upon request

Cover Lamination

Film Lamination is used on the outside cover of your books printing. We use the highest quality Lay-Flat Nylon Film Lamination that provides superior protection while enhancing the appearance of your book cover. This premium Nylon Film Laminate allows the paper to breath, minimises curl, and has a Super Stick adhesive so the laminate sticks to the book cover like glue.

  • Glossy Lamination

Gloss is the most popular finish and it really makes colors POP on your book cover. Our gloss finish gives the appearance of Smooth Liquid Glass while adding strength and durability to your book covers. A customers favorite!

  • Matte Lamination
 Matte is also an option and provides a more toned down subdued look. We use the industry’s best Diamond Hard Velvet Matte finish that is scuff resistant, non-glare, and Soft-To-Touch. Customers really love this soft suede-like texture!


1.We provide a digital proof for checking before running a full order.

2.Video will be provided to confirmation if time is urgent.


All books printing is custom and deposit must be received before starting any production. Payments are secured by PayPal, one of the most trusted names for payment. Acceptable forms of payment are PayPal, PayPal Credit, Visa, MasterCard, West Union,T/T and Cash.

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