Why Printing Services in China are Popular?

In the digital driven era, print advertising is still popularly used by a wide range of products and services. While digital advertising is effective and engaging, the traditional way of printing ads is still used by businesses to sell their products and services and to promote their business. Besides, printing is also used for many other purposes such as books printing, magazine printing, marketing collaterals and custom gifts. In the recent years, China book printing companies have gained popularity due to their quality printing services offered at lower prices. People from all over the world are using printing services in China for their professional and business requirements.

China book printing companies typically specialize in printing textbooks, magazines, paper boxes, carrier box and all kinds of high quality paper products and printing services. These companies are equipped with the most advanced technology as well as advanced machinery and equipment from Germany, Switzerland, Japan, etc. Even if you don’t have professional knowledge in the printing field, their experts will provide you guidance in choosing the best printing services and packages. The low cost of printing is also one of the prominent reasons why businesses and publishers all around the world approach book printing companies in China. These companies provide a vast array of printing solutions to global businesses. Here are some of the popular services offered by printing companies in China

Book printing services

Whether one is established author or want to publish his/her very first book, China book printing companies specialize in printing books in a variety of genres such as fictional and non-fictional books, coloring book printing, cooking book, comic books and lot more. They also provide various binding options such as spiral & wire bound book, perfect bound book, hardcover book, saddle stitched book etc.


In the digital driven area, the age old method like catalogues printing are still popular due to their ease of use and reasonable prices. Both small and established make use of catalogues to share information about their business as well as to market their products and services,


Brochures are effective way to send the subtle message that your business is professional, reliable, and committed to quality. If you’re considering using brochures in your marketing plan, you can use tri-fold brochures or bi-fold brochures to grab the attention of the readers.


Posters are one of the most cost effective branding tools in the market. Most printing companies provide custom posters varying in price range depending on their size, colours, and finishes.

From marketing collaterals to book printing, China book printing companies provide a vast range of printing solutions to meet varied business needs. However, when you are looking for a printing company, it is always advised to know about the reputation of the company. One should also shop around to get quotes from several printers or print brokers, both at home and abroad for choosing the quality printing services at reasonable prices.


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