Set in Shenzhen, near Hong Kong, the Chinese book printing company is one of the best choices you could make if you want to avail novel printing and other printing services. The CBP is an industry leader when it comes to book, magazines, brochure printing, etc. and it is due to their sheer amount of services which has made them huge in the China’s book printing sector.

With top of the line quality products, raw material, and printing practices, the CBP has made sure that all of its customers leave satisfied. Not only do they handle book printing services, they also take care of promotional merchandise like folders and magnets, and marketing tools such as catalogues and brochures. Be it novel printing or hardcover book printing, the CBP can take care of all your needs with perfection.

Along with novel printing, they can also give you option of proofreading, dummy copies, mailing services, layout designing, packaging, and shipping services. They also provide paper bags and shopping bag printing services, along with paper gift boxes.

So, if you are looking to get your novel printed, look no further than the CBP. They are the industry’s best, and one that several people can vouch for.