Things to Know Before Printing Your Coloring Book

Coloring books are manufactured by individuals and organizations for varied reasons. Some produce coloring books to sell them to others and make profit out of it. These books are also widely used for corporate gifting by businesses. These books are also popularly distributed by charitable organizations. With their empty patterns of mandalas, animals and floral design, coloring books are fun for children, while these books help adults to channel their inner artist, de-stress and bring a sense of peace. Whether you want to produce coloring books to promote a brand or to make profit out of it, it is important to keep few things in mind while getting ahead with your coloring book printing such as;

  • Coloring Books are usually with the saddle-stitch method or the perfect binding method. The choice of binding method depends upon the number of pages in your coloring book. Saddle stich is the most common and economical binding method preferred for a coloring book. If a book has a high page count, perfect binding method is recommended. Other options are the Spiral Coil and Wire-O Binding method. These methods are often reserved for premium coloring book
  • Coloring book can be printed of any size, however, printers have certain page sizes they offer as standard sizes. Hence, the standard size of a coloring book is determined by the type of production equipment used by the printer. Determining which page sizes your printer can produce most economically is recommended before deciding upon the design and layout of your coloring book.
  • The next thing is to decide between digital printing press and offset printing for coloring book printing. If you need 200 or 300 copies of your coloring book, digital printing press is a way to get your coloring books produced economically. An offset press has higher set-up costs and it can not be efficiently distributed across a small production run. If the quantity of the book increases say 500 or more, offset printing will be more economical production method.
  • Knowing the page count of the book will help printed to calculate how much paper is needed to complete your project. Coloring books are often produced with full-color cover ti five minimum impact, while the line art on the interior pages is almost always printed in black ink or grayscale.

There are many coloring book printing companies offering a print-on-demand manufacturing for a variety of books such as textbook printing, coloring book printing and so on. These companies can take care of everything from deciding theme to binding style to economical printing method to suit your needs and budget. You can even order online and share your preferred your binding, size, quantity, number of pages, ink color, paper, in-hand delivery date and get an instant quote. Also, our coloring books will be delivered to your doorstep as promised for you to enjoy and distribute. It is the easy and economical way to get your books printed without any hassle.

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