What do you worry when you wanted to purchase from China and resell in your country?

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I’m doing a survey for below and would request for your input.

What are your worries when you wanted to purchase from China and resell in your countries?

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purchase from China

Buying from China and selling back home has its own share of challenges :

  • Why is the price so low as compared to the one produced in Japan or South Korea . What’s the catch ??
  • But the price is too tempting … and all my competitors buy from China
  • Does the QC checked stamp mean anything
  • There are mostly two contracts one in English and one in Chinese … which one will be the overriding contract if there is a dispute
  • Legal jurisdiction , English law or Chinese Law , Arbitration in Shanghai , HK or Singapore ?
  • Hope  no labor law has been violated to produce these goods.
  • Best of luck to all my customers.

However China has come a long way in their quality control . I remember when China started producing bulk vessels during the commodity boom the quality was very poor. A new vessel came to India and one of its crane just fell apart ? The price of the new built vessels was around 30 pct cheaper as compared to vessels build in Japan .

The price differential remains the same. However the quality has drastically improved .

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As the topic shows every one is worry about the problems from China, also they would like to do purchase there due to low cost will bring high profit. Is all goods and suppliers is bad quality and bad guys in China. No. My answers is it’s only part of suppliers. So there is popular saying that there is no cheapest price and only have cheaper price in China.

Maybe China is a best choice to purchase due to the technology growing everyday and the cost is cheaper than other country, such as Korea and Japan. And the whole industry system is much better than Indian and Vietnam. For example, our business is paper book printing, magazine printing, paper bag and boxes supplier. There will be much different price from Chinese suppliers when you inquiry. Now, who should be trust? Is the cheapest one or the most expensive ones?  Both is wrong way to do. The best way is to find a middle ones and make a proof based on your own artwork. Then you can check the quality when you got them in hand. Sample is the best one to trust.

Or you can visit their factory, also could ask your friends to visit their factory when they been there. Only the factory can control the profit and quality.

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