Project Description

Novels in English is hot sale these years all the whole world. As you know, most of them is printed in China. Developing China have enough advanced machines and cheap labor to make your book price competitive in your local. If you are ready to print the book, or have the artwork finished, please go on reading, then we introduce some knowledge about novel books printing for your reference.

Binding of Novels in English:novle books printing service | CBP Printing

For novel books, normally it have perfect binding and hardcover binding. And perfect binding is choice of 80% clients, due to more easy to carry and also cheap price.

Material of Cover:

There will be 200gsm,250gsm,300gsm,350gsm for your reference for paperback novels.

Paper stock of Inside:

80gsm offset paper, wood paper, Menkeng paper is used offen for perfect binding novels.

Color of Printing:

Most of novels is black&white printing. If you need colorful inside, it will cost little more.

CBP Catalogue

How much will it cost?

We specialise in beautifully printed comics from our top of the range Indigo digital presses. If you are printing up to 100 copies then digital printing is not where it’s at.  However for the longer more established publications of 100 copies or more our offset presses will provide you with the best print quote.

We always try and quote for a few quantity options to help bring your unit price down. We’re keen to see your artwork in print so if there’s a more cost effective size or way to print the graphic novels then we’ll let you know.

Ready to place your order?

Excellent! If the artwork is finished you can upload the files using to and in the comments box include a note letting us know the number of copies you’re going for and the best space address for delivery. Your artwork will then zoom through to our prepress department for a free preflight check to highlight any potential issues and we will email you with any advice or recommendations before going ahead to print!