Novel Printing Services From China

Novel printing is a professional services in ChinaBookPrinter and focus on printing books, catalogs, magazines, brochures ,paper bag, paper box etc, Which is located in Shenzhen where you can get convenient and fast sea shipment and air shipment to all over world.

Our commitment to professional printing standards and on-demand novels printing services are a perfect combination for novel writers and publishers. As below, we guide to learn more about novel printing from ChinaBookPrinter.

1. Novel Cover Design

It’s a difficult to make a cover by yourself if you are a self publisher. CBP printing could help you if you need. Also, it’s best to suggest you find a professional designer to help. A nice design cover will improve your sales of novel.

We strongly suggest cover lamination to protect the cover from scuffing and damage. Gloss lamination shows up marking less than matt lamination on dark colours, so is perfect for child & younger adult publications. Matt is now the modern choice of classy books.

Novel Printing
Novel Printer

2. Novel Books Binding

Soft cover novel printer with perfect binding are available in traditional sizes or custom layouts. Hard cover options add strength and longevity to novels, adding value while staying within most printing budgets. ChinaBookPrinter even has the print technology to bind books from just a few pages to over one thousand pages in length.

Softcover and hardcover bound is most used for novels. Also you have more options, such as spiral binding, coil binding, saddle stiching..etc. It’s up to you.

Perfect binding:  It’s glue the cover together with inner pages. And for some thick books, we will do sewn binding before glue, in order to make sure them could be open flat.The perfect bind method involves collating the sections of the book. And which is the most popular binding way.

Suggest do lamination for cover to protect the cover from scuffing and damage. And it should use anti-scratching matte lamination when your cover is full black throughout.

Novel Printing
Novel Books

3. Surface Finishing of Novel Printing

Most common book binding method for novel books by far is Perfect Binding, which is the same finish as what you will see is used for most books in bookstores.
The perfect bind method involves collating the sections of the book and their backs ground off leaving a rough surface upon which the adhesive is applied. The cover is glued into place after it has been scored to allow the adhesive to slightly overlap the front and back of the book block. The final step includes a three-sided trim to clean up the finished book.

Novel Printer
Novel Printing

4. Paperback Novel Printing Detail:

For cover

Normally the thickness of cover is not suggested for less thinner than 250gsm. The most to be used is 200gsm, 250gsm, 300gsm, 350gsm. The paper could be glossy / matte paper, or C1S paper, special pape, kraft paper…etc.

For inside pages

The most paper used for novel printing is 80gsm offset paper. Except this, others are 100gsm,120gsm offset paper, woodfree paper, 128gsm,157gsm glossy / matte coated paper, and also FSC paper.

Novel Books Printing
Novels in English

5. How much will it cost?

We specialise in beautifully printed comics from our top of the range Indigo digital presses. If you are printing up to 100 copies then digital printing is not where it’s at.  However for the longer more established publications of 100 copies or more our offset presses will provide you with the best print quote.

We always try and quote for a few quantity options to help bring your unit price down. We’re keen to see your artwork in print so if there’s a more cost effective size or way to print the graphic novels then we’ll let you know.

The amount of personal time and care that goes into writing and publishing a novel deserves the highest quality print and binding options. Get a free estimate today and we’ll do what it takes to earn the opportunity to work with you.

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