brochure printing services

Brochure Printing Services

Cheap Brochure Printing Solution

Brochure printing services is very popular in business, which is a short introduction of your products and brand. It need a fast printing and to be used in the commercial actions.

Chinabookprinter is a professional brochure printing services provide to help or guide you to build. The folding of brochures have many different solution as per your content. Contact us to get more professional suggestion.

Common Brochure Printing Services

The mostly brochure are folded along the middle line, which is the cheapest solution and also carry less information on it. In order to introduce more about your company, brand, project or others, the pages have to be added more, such as 4 times folded brochure, 8 times brochure. Meanwhile, we also could die cut the brochure into different shape to match your requirements, such as round paper tube.

Tri-folding Brochure Printing

brochure printing

Tri-folded brochure is the popular folding solution of printed brochure. It have 2 folding way to do, Z folding and closing door folding.

Four Folding Brochure Printing

Four folding brochure printing services will be a little more expensive than the tri-folding one, which have 4 folding way as below to show.

Many Folding Brochure Printing

This 11 times folded brochure is not common, due to too long and expensive. But it really carry more information, meanwhile looks more luxury.

The video show you the common 3 folded brochures, which introduce the various of fishes.

This video show you the round shaped brochure printing, which is an introduction of a product. It is designed to be put inside a round box.

Different folding solution of the brochures printing services?

Here we show you how to fold your brochure depend on the length of it. If you don’t have the template to go, please contact us and then our working room will draw a custom template for your filling design into.

brochure printing services
brochure printing services

Paper materials of brochure printing services?

The coated paper is mostly to be used for brochure printing. The ink of folding line will be drop off when color extend to another page, so there need lamination to protect it. Due to this disadvantage of coated paper, the uncoated paper could avoid this issue. But the uncoated paper is not much smooth as the coated paper. So diffferent enquirements match different paper material. Share your idea with us and our team will provide more professional suggestions for you.

MOQ of brochure printing services

The truth that there is no M.O.Q of brochure printing servince in ChinaBookPrinter. We have different solutions when the quantity is different.

1-200pcs: we will do digital printing in order to provide you a reasonable prices.

200-500pcs: we will suggest you print it with our other clients together. Maybe the paper is not same as your requirements, but the prices could be down much. 

Over 500pcs, the printing is offset printing as common.

Why Choose Us For Brochure Printing Services

We lead the industry with superior, innovative offset products and provide cheap short run printing service. Chinabookprinter help many customers grow their business and delight their valued clients. All publisher over the world is using China book Printing. So we have to use the highest quality stock and finishing materials as per your requirements.
Reasonable Prices

The custom quotation could be provide during 2 Chinese working hours and prices list with different options.

Free Samples

In order to make sure the printing services is safe. Our team will make a sample freely and take video for your confirmation.

Quality & Safety

Our clients are all over the world. Our company could help to ask them to certificate us to be a reliable supplier.

Door to door shipping

Normally we need 8-13 working days to finish printing and delivery to your door. Door to door services help you save many time.

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