Printing Services China-how to do safely?

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develop very fast during these 20 years. Chinese quality is reliable by the world.

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Why to need printing in china?

  • Reliable quality: Printing Services China
  •  Cheap price: As we know, Chinese cost is much lower than the developed countries. Such as , US, UK,Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
  • Fast and safe shipping; delivery by sea is cheap and fast, due to Chinese big port in the world.
  • It’s working time of CBP Printing factory as right show.

7 Steps of to have a safe printing services China

printing services china | official quotation sheet

Step 1 of printing services china: Send specification to inquiry

You know, all the printing services china is customized by different customer.

1, size: such as A4,A5,A6..etc

2, color: full color or black&white

3, No.of pages: 4pp cover and xxx inside pages

4, paper stock for cover and inside pages

5, Binding: hard cover , perfect binding, coil binding…etc

As a demo, you can check the quotation sheet(book printing) on the left.

Step 2 of printing services china:

Ask a FTP for your own from your sales to upload the artwork when you agreen the price

Please contact the sales who serve you and then they provide FTP information as below:

  1. The address of our space to uploading
  2. User name
  3. Password to log in
printing services china | cbp printing FTP account

Step 3 of printing services china: Your printing factory check the artwork

printing services china | 3mm bleeding

All the fators of file should be suit to high quality mass production. So you have to make sure with your printing factory china all the points as below is correct.

  • fonts to be outlined
  • DPI should be over 300 (or else, the layout will be blurry)
  • 3mm correct bleeding

Step 4 of printing services china: Will make a sample for your confirmation

A correct digital printing sample is best choice. You know, offset printing china is too expensive for 1 sample, due to much expensive printing machines(Heidelberg).

And digital demo have same paper stock and similar printing color.It’s enough for your confirmation.

Step 5 of printing services china: You confirm the sample

Normally, CBP Printing will delivery sample by DHL to you.They will delivery around 3 days and cost is cheap, due to our long term cooperation.

Please contact your sales to ask the latest price of DHL for printing books.

printing services china | DHL delivery sample

Step 6 of printing services china: Invoice got and payment

During printing services china, please take care and identify the invoice you got, in case of you are cheat by international liers.

  1. Title is official.
  2. Contact information is correct.
  3. Bank information. You need 100% make sure the beneficiary is same as the printing factory you want.

Payment ways:

  • Paypal: it will be charged 4% as paypal handle fee. So it’s best for sample cost(small bill)
  • Moneygram: it’s more convenient in Africa
  • West union: it’s the most fast to transfer, which is suit around 1000USD.
  • T/T: it’s best and cheap way to transfer for mass production cost. And it will take 3 working days to arrive.

Step 7 of printing services china: Goods finished and shipping

shipping by sea | CBP Printing

In order to help you save cost and safely got your printing books, please follow the process below:

  1. You should ask pictures to show your book printed correctly.
  2. Check and confirm the pack list,consignee information.
  3. Ask the printing factory China help to reduce the value of commercial invoice. It can help you save tax when you clean custom local when goods arrive.
  4. Also we could provide you a box for your books if you need.

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