Print Demand: book printing

 Print demand is today a major trend in the book market. Practical and cheap, it has found its niche, profiting from the rise in self-publishing, the move by some publishing houses to revive their back catalogue, and in particular from the need to reduce stock.

Apart from just manufacture, our teams have developed a set of solutions so that you can print a single book simply and cheaply, in black and white or colour. Print demand is designed to give you the best value per book, so printing and shipping prices depend on a few factors:

  • Book type
  • Volume
  • Shipping location

We also offer discounts for large volume orders, so your pocketbook isn’t punished for your success. Plus, we are constantly running specials, which you’ll only find out about if you receive our newsletter…or just hang out on the website.

The steps to purchase printing service from CBP Printing

1, Send specification to inquiry

2,Ask a FTP for your own  from your sales to upload the artwork when you agreen the price

3,We will check the quality of file, include bleeding, fonts, blurry, DPI of pictures and color managment

4,Will make a sample for your confirmation after your deposit or sample fee paid

5,Normally, it take 5 days around, you can got sample to confirmation

6,Sample confirmed and we are ready to printing

7,Show you the pictures of printing finished and send you balance invoice to clean

8,Shipping out goods with export packing when got balance.Print demand suppliers, like Lightning Source, maintain databases of books on behalf of their publisher clients. Publishers submit books to the print on demand supplier (PODS) in the form of two files for each book: one digital file for the book interior and one digital file for the cover.

When the files first arrive they are logged into the PODS’s system, examined for technical errors, and a proof copy of the book is created for the publisher to review. Once the publisher signs off on the proof, the book is listed by the PODS throughout its distribution channels including booksellers, other offline and online retailers, chain stores, library suppliers, and in some cases exporters.Advantages for the publishers include:

  • eliminates the need to keep books in inventory;
  • allows books without substantial sales to stay in print;
  • vastly reduces the investment needed to maintain a large backlist;
  • eliminates the waste and expense of pulping thousands of unsold books.

Disadvantages for the publishers are:

  • digitially printed books cost more per unit than books printed offset;
  • digital printing is not efficient for books that will sell in volume;
  • digitial printing’s quality and flexibility of formats is not as good as offset printing.

Print only what you need with our Print Demand option

  • Print demand is one of the many self-publishing options you have with epubli. Print-on-demand is the new digital print technology and it means your book is only printed when it is ordered. There is no minimum order when you print a book on-demand and you can print as little as one book at a time. This means we can meet the needs of any customer.
  • Whether you are publishing your book with the hope of a wider circulation, or simply for one off personal use, print-on-demand is a great option for you and allows anyone to become an independent author. So go ahead and write a romance novel or put all of your favourite recipes in to a recipe book, the choice is yours!

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