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We seldom go through a day in our lives without whipping out our phones and clicking a picture. The joy of sharing a memorable instance from your day with your loved ones is incredible. However, that joy is fleeting, and the photo is lost when you have to clear your storage space, or get a new phone. However, photo books let you preserve that picture and the memory for years to come, so twenty-thirty years from now, you can turn the pages and remember the good times.

Photo Book Printing China


What makes photo books special?

Photo books are essentially books filled with photos of memories you cherish and hold dear. In this digital world, photo books remain special for many reasons.

  • Permanence: Photobooks are permanent. They stay on your coffee table, or your shelf, always ready to be looked into.
  • Memorable: They make for a memorable gift. It shows your loved ones that you took time out to freeze and print joyful memories with them. Nobody will ever forget a photo book.
  • Convenience: Photo books are a convenient way of looking back in time, without having to sift through hundreds of photographs in your phone gallery.
  • Physical: The charm of photo books lies in the fact that you get to touch the pages, run your fingers over the photographs. That comfort can only be brought by books.

How to print your photo book with us?

At China Book Printers, we have made it very easy for you to print your photo books. Once you have your photographs ready, you can use the smart autofill feature to save time. You can arrange the photographs in the order you prefer, and edit them. You can also add texts and move, resize and drop them anywhere on the photo. After this, pick the perfect cover for your book.

Pick your cover and finish

We provide out customers with multiple options for the cover of the photo book and finish. They include:

  • Hard cover with glossy finish: Here, the hard cover will have the cover photo of your choice, and your text on the cover and spine, and a glossy laminate finish.
  • Hard cover with matte finish: Here, the cover page of the photo book will be made of a thicker sheet with a durable matte laminate of your desired photos on the front and back. This finish is scratch resistant, and you can have the text of your choice on the cover and spine.
  • Die-cut cover with cloth or leather: Here, we use fabric or leather of high-quality, with a die-cut window to display the photo of your choice. We provide options of black and brown leather and cloth, and white linen.


Get your photo book, today!

To get your hands on a customized photo book for your loved ones, contact us right away. Let us know what your specifications are like the page numbers, page size, etc. so we can get back to you with an affordable quote.