There are plenty of people who have dreamt about writing their own novel but when it comes to putting your imagination into words many of them fail to do so, but you actually made this happen, from the first word to first sentence to the final book with uncountable numbers of editing. Your novel is ready now, ready to be published but now comes the real job. Searching for a China Book Printing publishing company who will have trust on you and publish your book ?

Was writing a novel difficult? Yes. Was it troublesome? Obviously was it worth it? O Yes Of course! Now that you have done the difficult part of the process we’ll tell you few steps that should be contemplated before going to the publisher to get your book published:

  1. Page Formatting: Jumbled pages should arrange and attached properly in order to let you understand your thought process.

  1. Paper Quality: Good quality of paper should be used so that your content can be read properly.

  1. Cover Design: The cover design of a novel should be such that, that it must reflect the whole theme of the novel.