Choosing Hardcover Book Binding and Publication

Hardcover books are also known as hardbound book, hardback bound book or case bound books. These books have sturdy look and prominent sizing and are primarily designed for durability to become a valuable addition to any reader’s collection. Hardcover book printing is a complex process than other binding methods. Some of the key components of hardcover printing method are:

  • Cover – Cover is the most important element of a hardcover book that provides durability to the product. It is made up of cardboard and a gloss or matte laminated printed text stock.
  • Endsheet – Endsheet is a white piece of paper that gets glued to the inside cover of the book.
  • Flyelead- Flyelead is a blank page provided next to the end sheet. It is not glued to the cover.
  • Hinge- Hinge is present next to the spine of the book and it bends when the book is opened. With hinge, it is easy to open book freely without causing damage to the spine.
  • Gutter – Gutter is consists of the space on the inside page margins where the book is bound.
  • Sometimes, a small piece of cloth protrudes out from the pages of the book, which is known as headbands and tail bands.

Process for hardcover book printing

When you get your hardcover book printed, it is often printed on a sheet of paper large enough to cover the front, spine, and back cover of the book. Once it is printed, customer can choose the kind of finish they want to laminate it. They can choose from gloss or matte lamination. Laminated covers re attached to the cardboard. Then, content is printed inside the book and cut down to the final dimension, and glued together.

Advantages of hardcover binding

  • Hardcover books are built with a purpose to create long lasting book. Whether you keep them on the bookshelf unread for years or they are constantly read by a large number of people, hardcover books are designed sturdy enough to withstand the test of time.
  • The unique look and feel of hardcover books also differentiate them from other books. This is accomplished by using different finishing options not available in other book printing and binding methods.
  • A book with pages anything between 25 to 500 pages are suitable for hardcover book printing and binding. Such book binding provides a high degree of versatility, which makes it ideal for almost any type of printing projects.

How much does it cost to make a hardcover book?

Pricing for hardcover printing books in China varies, depending upon which printing method you choose for your book from the cover style to the page count of the book.

Which genres are best suited for hardcover binding method?

Hardcover binding is a versatile binding method that suits almost all genres of books. However, it is especially appropriate for books that will be treasured for years, such as yearbooks, art books, coffee table books, and children’s books. It is also preferred for professional printing books in China including law books, medical texts, engineering or architectural books. It is also a good choice for self-published books as it helps in building more credibility for your work. You may want to print a memoir to pass on a powerful lesson or you want to create your travel photography portfolio to clients in a unique way, hardcover printing can be great option for all such kind of books.

A hardcover book is always considered a highly valued addiction, of course the content of the book matters a lot, but hard cover edition has always been seen as more lavish than paperbacks. Hardcover binding costs much more than paperback, however, it also tends to provide better quality than other binding methods. However, you should choose hardcover when you have a larger production budget and it implies to the prospective book buyer that publisher feels strongly enough about the title. Hardcover book printing is a kind of way to bring more authenticity and credibility to the work. There are many reputed companies in China engaged in printing books in China to meet varied needs of its customers. They provide affordable and high quality solutions to meet diverse client needs.

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