How to Choose Between Offset Printing

Offset lithography is traditional and most common printing technology in which print image is burned onto a plate and then transferred to a rubber blanket, and then to the printing surface. Digital printing is a cheaper low volume printing that requires less mechanical steps than offset printing. Both forms of printing has their own pros and cons. When you are looking for larger quantity, digital printing proves to be cheaper than offset printing. However, offset printing is capable of working on a wide range of printing surfaces and provides high image quality printing solutions. Even in the era of digital revolution, a large number of readers prefer to choose traditional books over eBooks.

Most of the reputed China book printing Novel Printing companies provide both traditional and digital printing solutions usually combined for book publishing. In order to choose from the traditional and digital printing solutions, it is essential for author to consider the content of the book. If you are looking to enhance your static content with images and web links, you can consider digital printing. It is advisable to look for reputed and renowned China book printing companies to get the right advice and reliable printing solutions. Most of the good companies provide a wide array of printing services such as Novel Printing, magazine printing, books printing and lot more.

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