23 04, 2020

Benefits of Self Publishing for Budding Authors


Self publishing is nowadays emerged as popular alternative, specially used by the budding writers. If you have dream like print my own book, self-publishing is the way to go.

China book printing companies are known for providing printing services at economical prices. Fr instance, you can get catalogue printing for affordable business promotion or business magazine printing at very low magazine printing costs through Chinese printing companies. It is more stigmatized publishing route than its traditional counterpart and has recently emerged as fantastic a publishing option for many writers, including for those looking to build writing careers. When you opt for print my own book or self-publishing, it gives you complete creative control of every aspect of their book such as selecting a book’s final cover design, title, blurb. Author often don’t get such opportunity in traditional publishing modes. Also, self-published writers get higher royalty than publishing book through traditional publishing methods. Many times, writers using traditional publishing takes as little as a 10% royalty after their agent and publishing house have taken their cuts.

When author work on their book through self-publishing mode, they get tremendous networking opportunities during the process while discussing the book with other people, research advertising and marketing options or even turning it into an E-book.

Self-publishing also helps authors to market their book faster than traditional publishing methods. Many times, you can get your books published online within one or two days. On the other hand, when you approach well known publishing house, it may six to 18 months at minimum to publish your book. Self-publishing is economical and more profitable means of publishing books without any hassle.

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25 03, 2020

Benefits & Features of Cookbook Printing


Cookbook is a great way to share your recipes with the world. Most chefs nowadays get their recipes collected in an attractive cookbook. If you are one of those people who loves to cook and been keeping all your recipes in a piece of notebook, it is a good idea to approach a book publisher to get it printed out nicely and hard bound with a customized cover. There was a time when only a few famous chefs could afford to publish their recipes and create multiple copies to sell them in the market. With the advancement in the printing technology, you can now get your cookbook self-published and start with only few copies of it to test the market.

Book printing companies provide a wide array of  book printing services for printing cookbook such as hardcover binding cookbook, perfect binding cookbook, plastic coil binding cookbook, saddle stitching cookbook etc.

The design of a book play an important role in making it a great cookbook, apart from its content. Similarly, sideboards, glossaries and index are also important for any cookbook printing to make it convenient for users to use them.

Cookbook authors often choose for hardcover cookbook printing as it looks attractive and carry to last the age of cookbook. If there are less pages in a cookbook, saddle stitching is a good option as it can be open flat and easy. It allows the readers to make book lay flat on the counter while reading a recipe. It is recommended to hire reputed  book printing services to get your book printed in an attractive and affordable way.

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28 09, 2019

Great Magazine Printing Solutions from China Book Printer


Being a business owner, you might be thinking of publishing a magazine for your company and distribute the same to as many people as possible with the main intention of enhancing the visibility of the business. The printing of company magazines is a very good as well as an effective way as to how you can reach to several people. With the help of the magazines, your business is able to make a close interaction with the reader of the magazine thereby beneficial for your business.

But at the time of publishing a business magazine, it is extremely important to consider two most vital aspects in this regard. The first one being the magazine printing solutions and the second is the magazine printing costs. Both are quite vital from the perspective of the business owner. It is exactly in this situation where China Book Printer comes to the rescue of the business owners. Providing the premium quality magazine printing solutions that too at pocket friendly prices make China Book Printer the ultimate choice of almost business owners looking to publish a business magazine.

At China Book Printer, we have a dedicated team who takes a very good care of the printing solutions so that there is no compromise in the quality of the printing services. Apart from this, the users can also avail the coupon book printing services from China Book Printer at a low cost so as to fulfil the exact requirements.

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25 03, 2019

How Brochure Printing Can take your Promotions to Next level?


Book Printing Services

Brochures can be strategically placed on a variety of locations and they can even be used as promotional giveaways. You can use them while advertising at local trade fairs as promotional giveaways. Brochures are simplest and cheapest marketing strategy to promote your products and services. Compared with other marketing options, most of the brochure printing companies design and produce sleek brochures that fit your budget. There are many printing companies engaged in providing a whole range of printing solutions such as book printing services, brochures printing, catalogues printing and so on.

Many companies participating in tradeshows buy brochures in bulk. Brochures generally include details aboutyour business that makes them useful for varied purposes. It is easy to share them with potential customers, loyal clients, business contacts, and other individuals. Most organisations also include their goals and objectives in the brochures that build the credibility of a business. Brochures are a way to personalise your business. They not only provide space to share with prospective clients about your products and services

Brochures are easy, effective and economical means of promoting your business. However, if your brochures are not printed in an attractive manner, you may not real benefits out of them. It is important to look for a reputed brochures printing company for brochure printing services. One must look for companies having years of experience in printing such as book printing services, catalogue printing and so on. If designed carefully and used wisely, brochures can truly take your promotions to next level without spending a fortune.

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29 08, 2018

Printing Services Are The Perfect Tool To Reach Your Marketing Goals


At first, the paper was the picked material, thus the primary printed book appeared. The printed book had an enormous preferred standpoint over transcribed records. From that point forward a considerable measure of printing techniques have been designed, each filling a characterized need. Inkjet printing, laser printing, and others have upset the way individuals and above all organizations tend to print. We have seen quite a rise in the number of printing services China in this decade, but not all of them are able to fulfill the need of quality printing.

Individual printers can undoubtedly land the position yet for business purposes, organizations that use the most recent innovations and offer reciprocal administrations might be the appropriate response. While a few strategies are phenomenal that is being used for printing catalog in the industry, others offer favorable position when printing catalog or any other materials.

Choose a printing partner that adheres to the industry norms.

There are many norms that a printing organization must follow to give best results. So, whenever you are searching for any reliable Printing Services China, then make sure you are choosing a source that adheres to all necessary norms.

China Book Printer (CBP) is one of the leading printing services that is consistently making their customers happy by giving exceptional printing services. Be it précised printing quality, exceptional clarity, great colors, out-of-the-box packaging, or any other factor. We assure customer satisfaction!

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25 06, 2018

Precised Printing Is Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea


Searching for one-stop-destination for a wide range of printing services for catalogues, novels, comic books, children books, photo and art books printing etc! You are on the right page then.

Printing services have lately become a huge success throughout the world, especially the Printing Services China is blooming at a faster pace, so are we.

CBP,a leading printing services in Chinaprints books, magazines, catalogues, paper bags, paper boxes, etc. and provide their out-of-the-box printing services from its location Shenzhen China, Hong Kong. We provide the high quality and professional printing services to suit client’s expectation. Due to 14 years of experience in magazine printing, we have gained enough expertise. Prices are competitive due to the mass production and we held no limit to MOQ of your magazines. You can print from 1 copy to n-numbers of copies.

Our précised magazine printing services include fast, easy and affordable mailing, free photo design tools and templates. 8½ x 11 or 5½ x 8½ saddle-stitched and perfect bound are their most popular. You can print numerous magazines of size 8.5×11 in just 3 days. Shipping is never an issue and we offer competitive printing deals for magazine printing costs. Our best-in-class free pre-designed or blank templates, free photo design tool, magazine printing services helps clients to get started without leaving office or desktop. Just upload files, get a price and they ship it to your doorstep! We also accept custom magazine printing and cheap magazine printing. The reason behind our control and supremacy in China printing industry is because of the first-rated quality printing outcome and budget-friendly deals.

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21 05, 2018

How Strategizing Book Printing Can Help You in Your Business and Extensive Outreach?


Book printing strategy

Dimension, proportion, range and color are matters printing a book. Though it’s a fact that producing small quantity will not fetch you desired financial gains but bulk order for printing services in China will prove to highly economical. What will be design and what kind of materials are to be used, is individual choice for book printing. Customers who will purchase your book will feel it and can see it closely, so getting appreciated for the printing work is no mean task. To be noticed positively is a work of art and in China it has been developed to many folds as compared to the other part of the world.

Perfect strategy and planning for the book printing always work. There are experts on China who are proving themselves every now and then. From brochures to bookmark to business cards, you name it and high quality and professional work is available here! Printing on the book should highlighthighpoints, should provide stress-free reading, and have attention-grabbing images. Not overtly gaudy but attractive. If you get the book printing services at cheaper price, then it will help you in getting good returns. Quick services and content driven quality printing services appeals to market.

Printed book is still having maximum reach, no matter how popular digital medium has become. There are many potential customers and number is increasing, it enhances your company’s scope. Printing services in China is a booming market and it implies that print is still viable and at the top. So, creative and colourful book printing will never go unnoticed!

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16 04, 2018

Importance Of Quality Printing Services China


Printing services have become a huge success throughout the world, so is the Printing Services China is blooming at a faster pace. Be it Catalogues, novels, comic books, children books, photo and art books printing, CBP (China Book Printing) is categorized as the one-stop-destination for a wide range of printing services. The reason behind our dominance in China printing industry is the superior quality printing outcome and budget-friendly deals. Many publishing companies are our loyal customers for years and we are consistently satisfying their printing needs.

Catalogues are something that needs to be unique and informative because it shows what your company is, along with all of your strengths. If a catalogue has nice look and feel with all necessary information, it can drive a number of customers towards your brand.

Features of our Catalogues Printing that no one should miss includes;

  • Printing on quality and thick cardboard
  • Can be customized into different shape, size, colours, and designs
  • Coated with weather-proof material that makes them more durable
  • Long shelf life
  • Competitive and pocket-friendly printing charges
  • Any kind of Customization is always welcomed

Allow people to enjoy your books, catalogues, etc. more than ever by choosing CBP’s quality printing services.


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