Custom Case Bound Book Printing From China

In order to make sure the cover enough strong to protect the inside pages, hard cover books will be the best choice. Normally, there is a 2-3.5mm grey board inside the cover , to make the cover strong. Also it pasted with a printed cover or a fabric or leather-style binding, hard wearing and durable.

What is a case bound book?

case bound book printing

Case bound book produces a hard backed book that is strong and durable such as a commemorative book or a register. Cased-in books are made of grey board and covered with printed and laminated paper. They can also be covered with material such as PVC coated paper, book cloth, leather cloth or real leather.

Case bound book printing is the ideal book style of many people pursuing collections of exquisite books. It has also become the promoting way of many merchants who utilizes the qualities of case bound book printing technology, such as its collection value, visual beauty and so on, to promote their own products.

Anatomy of a case bound book:

case binding book

The image aboved is a diagram of a case bound book. These are the basic elements of a case bound book:

Most often, a case bound book has five distinctives:

  1. Cover is hard or stiff
  2. Covers are “wrapped”
  3. Smythe sewn sections
  4. Two end papers (inside the covers)
  5. Divided by the spine forms, there are square spine and round spine

1. Dust jacket

Dust jackets: case wrapped books that are only stamped can look very bland with dust jackets. Dust jackets give the book an esthetic or artistic appeal. The dust jacket sets the mood or tone of the book, positions it within its genre, or provides hard-hitting sales copy.

2. Hardcover / Case of Book

The cover is the biggest difference with other books. So it could be designed more luxury to attract more eyes. As the material of cover, there could be paper cover, cloth cover, and leather cover..etc as below.

Hardcover Book Printing

Paper cover of case bound book

The paper to be printed is 157gsm glossy / matte paper, then it is laminated and glued on 1200-1800gsm cardboard.

The thickness of cardboard depends on the thickness of your book. For example, the 1800gsm (3mm) will be best when your book have 300 pages inside.

And the cover bould be hot stamped logo or title to highlight.

Leather cover book printing

Leather bound book printing is the best way to make it luxury. Meanwhile, it is also the most expensive solution. 

The cost of leather material have many choices from cheap to expensive. In order to make sure the quality of leather, our company use the big brand supplier. And you could choose the material on line. Please contact more.

leather cover book printing

Cloth hardcover book printing

The material of cloth could be choosed by the surface finishing of title. For example, the rough cloth can’t be gold or silver foil stamped. 

Please contact our sales representives and check which cloth material is suit to your cover.

cloth hardcover book printing

3. Spine of case bound book and hand bands

round spine hardcover book

Headbands are the ribbon that is inserted in the spine and shows at the top and bottom of the spine in the finished book. Headbands are purely decorative (no function) but may lend a vintage or design element to the finished book
Some case bound books have no headbands. It’s up to freely.

Spine of hardback books could be design into round or square. And the square spine is the most standard. The hardback book manufacturer will make square spine for you when you have no spine pointed. It means it’s fault data for a hardcover book.

4. Size of case bound book printing

The truth that there is no standard size for custom books.You could design the size of your books freely. The most common standard is ASNI and ISO 216 A as below.

casebound book

Sizes of ISO 216 A

A2 = 594*420mm

A3 = 420*297mm

A4 = 210*297mm

A5 = 210*148mm

A6 = 148*105mm

A7 = 74*105mm

ASNI sizes of United States

Letter size = 216*279mm

Executive size = 19*254mm

Legal size = 216*356mm

Ledger/Tablold size = 279*432mm

Show us your size to quote and also the number of pages form as below

5. Ends of hardcover book printing

case bound book

End papers of hardcover book printing, until recently, most ends were plain. It is 160gsm offset paper when there is plain ends.

And also you could design the ends into color as below. It’s upto you. Please take attention to the backgournd color, it’s different between ends and inner pages even though it’s same value of color.

6. Sewn and case bound of case bound book

This method is mostly used to bind strong and durable books, such as encyclopedias, various reference books, art books, Bibles and so on. For more than a hundred years, the most commonly used method of sewing and binding is the “Smyth” binding method, which is a binding method that passes the binding line through the spine of the book and puts all the pages of the book together. The advantage of using this method is that the pages of the book post can be tiled after being bound together.

Bookcase binding refers to the process of adding a layer of cloth or leather outside a hard or soft paperboard to form a bookcase and binding it into a hard cover book together with the book block. The book cover is not prepared together with the binding or binding of the book block. When adding a book case, the area of the book case should be larger than the area of the book block page.

7. Decorative packaging box

It need a decorative gift box or slip case for the hardcover book if you want to make it more luxury. This box could also protect the book inside safely. And you could choose more styles of rigid gift boxes via our brother company of packaging.

Camshell Box

hardcover book slip case printing

Slipcase Box

paperback book slip case

Could we get a sample before order?

In order to make sure it’s safe, we suggest you order a sample firstly. As we know, the offset printing machine is very expensive to print only one book. So we do digital printing for samples and the sample can’t be sewn due to sewn process need many copies to adjusting the machine.

For the sample services, we have 2 options for your reference.

1, We will make a sample freely and take video for your reference when the deposit paid.

2, The sample with courier cost need to be paid if you need a physical sample arrive at your local.

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