10 Things Of High Quality Books Printing Services

With so many book printers out there, why choose CBP printing? We specialize in high quality books printing, but we also have the most competitive pricing you’ll find in the market. we pay personal attention to you and your projects, and we’re serious about on-time delivery.

Book printing services include hardcover books printing, paper back books printing, magazine printing…etc and other printing services.


Our digital presses allow us to produce lower quantities of books without sacrificing quality. If you need high-end, four-color offset printing or need to print up to 50,000 copies of your book CBP printing can do that too.
CBP Printing also offers print-on-demand (POD) services for publishers that meet certain thresholds. Criteria may include the total number of titles in a publisher’s repertoire, demonstrated sales activity, and other similar factors. If you’re curious whether POD is right for you, please request a free quote. And one of CBP’ account executives will help you decide which books printing method is best.

CBP printing and binding equipment is on-site in one China location, allowing us to use the best books printing  for your project, to control production timelines, and maintain the highest quality standards.

Books Printing Timeline

Below is our normal production time in business days after we receive your correct file submission. And books printing production begins “After Final Proof Approval.” And shipping time is additional. Faster Turnaround Time is available and may incur an additional cost. Please let us know if you have a special deadline.

PDF Soft Proof Online – 1-2 days

Bound Proof Paperback – 2-3 days

Bound Proof Hardcover – 1-3 days

Bound Proof Wire Bound – 2-3 days

Bound Proof Booklet – 1-2 days

Book Production Paperback – 3-5 days

Book Production Hardcover – 5-7 days

Book Production Wire Bound – 5-7days

Book Production Booklets – 3-5 days

Shipping/Delivery Time – 2-4days

Books Printing File Formats

We request the entire layout and formatting of the inside pages be saved as a PDF file with all fonts and images embedded, and saved at 300 dpi resolution. 

The inside pages should be created to the finished trim size of the book and saved as one complete PDF file containing all inside pages.
Add blank pages wherever you feel is appropriate to end up with an (even) number of pages. The outside cover should be composed together as one separate file including the front, spine, and rear cover. Extend an .125 inch bleed all around the perimeter of the composed book cover. Save as a PDF file with all fonts and images embedded, and saved at 300 dpi resolution for a best quality books printing.


1.Always supply as single pages, never double page spreads.

2.Paperbacks and hardbacks require a spine. The size is defined by the number and weight of pages. A spine under 4mm is considered unsuitable for text.

3.Ensure your book has sufficient margins. We recommend 10-15mm top, bottom and outside edge and 15-20mm on the binding edge.

4.If you are including page numbers, ensure they are not placed on the binding edge.

5.Covers should be supplied as separate files. If not supplied separately, it may affect the running order of your books printing.

6.Booklet pages must be in multiples of 4, this does not include the cover,which is more important of top quality books printing.


1.The bleed is the area at the edge of a document which gives the printer an amount of space to allow a cleaner finish for trimming.

2.We require 3mm bleeding on all edges for jobs with any images, backgrounds or
colours that extend to the edge of the page – check diagram.

3.For example, an A5 book’s dimensions are 210mm x 148mm; with 5mm bleed it will be 220mm x 158mm

4.The extra 5mm bleed will be cut off, any important text or images should not appear in or near this area.

printing services china | 3mm bleeding

Paper Stock Options

Paper is sold by weight. So within a particular paper category a heavier sheet is more expensive than a lighter weighing sheet. In general Coated Paper is more expensive than Offset Paper. To help determine the thickness of your book we have listed how many pages per inch “ppi” each paper is. Our papers are also acid-free for archival quality and our paper merchants are environmentally responsible. And the paper is key to a high quality books printing.

  • 50#, 60#, 70#, and 80# white text
  • 50#, 55#, and 60# natural (cream) text
  • 70#, 80#, and 100# coated enamel and matte text
  • 7 pt. coated matte text
  • 10 pt. and 12 pt. C1S cover
  • Other paper stocks available upon request

Cover Lamination

Film Lamination is used on the outside cover of your books printing. We use the highest quality Lay-Flat Nylon Film Lamination that provides superior protection while enhancing the appearance of your book cover. This premium Nylon Film Laminate allows the paper to breath, minimises curl, and has a Super Stick adhesive so the laminate sticks to the book cover like glue.

  • Glossy Lamination

Gloss is the most popular finish and it really makes colors POP on your book cover. Our gloss finish gives the appearance of Smooth Liquid Glass while adding strength and durability to your book covers. A customers favorite!

  • Matte Lamination
 Matte is also an option and provides a more toned down subdued look. We use the industry’s best Diamond Hard Velvet Matte finish that is scuff resistant, non-glare, and Soft-To-Touch. Customers really love this soft suede-like texture!


1.We provide a digital proof for checking before running a full order.

2.Video will be provided to confirmation if time is urgent.


All books printing is custom and deposit must be received before starting any production. Payments are secured by PayPal, one of the most trusted names for payment. Acceptable forms of payment are PayPal, PayPal Credit, Visa, MasterCard, West Union,T/T and Cash.

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