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25 05, 2020

Significance of Hardcover Book Printing & Magazine Printing


Printing industry is one of the leading industries provide support to many businesses and organizations around the world. They provide a wide array of printing solutions including brochures, business cards, notebooks, flyers, catalogs, hardcover book printing and so on. They also provide services of binding, lamination, and saddle stitching.

Hardcover, also known as case bound or hardbound books made from thick cardboard wrapped in cloth. Hardcover book printing is more expensive than paperback book printing and it is not feasible for those on tight budget. However, it allows people to earn more margin on retail than paperback book printing.  Hardcover books can be found in the genres of business, coffee table/art, first-edition fiction, or collector’s editions of classics. It assures better durability of the books. These books have thicker and better-quality paper and ink used in it. It is also ideal choice when you need to put high-quality pictures.

Magazines are great way to make revenues as well as promote businesses, events, organizations and so on. From schools to NGOS to commercial magazines, there is a huge market for all kinds of magazines. China book companies provide printing services at cheap magazine printing costs.

China printing companies are known worldwide for providing quality printing solutions at great prices. They provide wide array of printing services such as book printing, magazine printing and so on. It is advisable to conduct some research to find reputable company having years of expertise, expert staff and modern equipment to provide quality solutions.

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23 05, 2020

Benefits & Features of Catalog Printing


Catalog plays a key role in marketing varied kinds of products and services. They provide the complete picture of the products and services offered by a company. Most of them explain the characteristics of the products in detail and are particularly seen in trade shows and exhibitions. They reflect the objectives, the values and virtues of your business. These catalogs are great resource to take any business to the next level without breaking advertisement budget of a business.

Modern catalog printing China companies are fully equipped with hi-tech technology and modern printers to provide a blend of creativity, class and effectiveness. Most catalogue printers are nowadays adopting minimalistic design to make catalogues appealing, informative and unimposing. Catalog printing is a cheap way to create a long-lasting impact upon the customers. These catalogs are printed using a glossy paper prints with vivid images. These companies also provide other services like brochure printing, book printing services and so on.

In order to attract customers, it is essential that catalogs are perfectly designed and create a long-lasting impression in the minds of targeted audience. When you order business catalogs in bulk, most printing companies provide huge discount on bulk orders. It is important carefully design the layout, the images and the presentation of your catalogs. It should have appealing, accurate and up to date content. As catalogues are printed on paper, it is important to understand that you cannot take them back from your prospective clients once they are sent out or given away. It is better to look for reputed catalog printing China company to get the best quality catalogues printed at reasonable prices.


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23 04, 2020

Benefits of Self Publishing for Budding Authors


Self publishing is nowadays emerged as popular alternative, specially used by the budding writers. If you have dream like print my own book, self-publishing is the way to go.

China book printing companies are known for providing printing services at economical prices. Fr instance, you can get catalogue printing for affordable business promotion or business magazine printing at very low magazine printing costs through Chinese printing companies. It is more stigmatized publishing route than its traditional counterpart and has recently emerged as fantastic a publishing option for many writers, including for those looking to build writing careers. When you opt for print my own book or self-publishing, it gives you complete creative control of every aspect of their book such as selecting a book’s final cover design, title, blurb. Author often don’t get such opportunity in traditional publishing modes. Also, self-published writers get higher royalty than publishing book through traditional publishing methods. Many times, writers using traditional publishing takes as little as a 10% royalty after their agent and publishing house have taken their cuts.

When author work on their book through self-publishing mode, they get tremendous networking opportunities during the process while discussing the book with other people, research advertising and marketing options or even turning it into an E-book.

Self-publishing also helps authors to market their book faster than traditional publishing methods. Many times, you can get your books published online within one or two days. On the other hand, when you approach well known publishing house, it may six to 18 months at minimum to publish your book. Self-publishing is economical and more profitable means of publishing books without any hassle.

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20 04, 2020

Why Catalog Printing is Popular among Businesses?


When you are looking for cheap yet impactful promotion tools, you can look towards china based companies to get print promotions at economical prices. These companies are providing printing solutions like catalogue printing, brochure printing and book printing services.

Catalog printing china is particularly popular among small and large businesses to share information about their products and services. It has been proven as effective marketing tool to boost revenue and build brand recognition. It is appreciated by the clients at large as it’s a tangible way of proving your commitment to their convenience and business. Catalogues makes it very easy for customers to know what you are offering, completing the order form and connect with you directly. It makes it easy for customers to respond to brand.

Catalogues printing China companies provide innovate catalogue designs in vibrant color schemes and thoughtful design and layout to help customers to better remember your brand.

In this way, it helps in creating more targeted and successful marketing campaign. It is important to approach a reputed company having experience in providing printing solutions like book printing services, catalog printing, brochure printing and so on.

An appealing catalog gives a great exposure to a business as you can easily have it distributed at upmarket venues like suppliers’ offices and trade shows. A beautifully designed catalogue gives your business an opportunity to build your brand without spending a fortune. You can use your company’s logos, phrases and corporate colors to boost brand awareness and build a positive image for your business that will serve it in the long run.

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25 03, 2020

Benefits & Features of Cookbook Printing


Cookbook is a great way to share your recipes with the world. Most chefs nowadays get their recipes collected in an attractive cookbook. If you are one of those people who loves to cook and been keeping all your recipes in a piece of notebook, it is a good idea to approach a book publisher to get it printed out nicely and hard bound with a customized cover. There was a time when only a few famous chefs could afford to publish their recipes and create multiple copies to sell them in the market. With the advancement in the printing technology, you can now get your cookbook self-published and start with only few copies of it to test the market.

Book printing companies provide a wide array of  book printing services for printing cookbook such as hardcover binding cookbook, perfect binding cookbook, plastic coil binding cookbook, saddle stitching cookbook etc.

The design of a book play an important role in making it a great cookbook, apart from its content. Similarly, sideboards, glossaries and index are also important for any cookbook printing to make it convenient for users to use them.

Cookbook authors often choose for hardcover cookbook printing as it looks attractive and carry to last the age of cookbook. If there are less pages in a cookbook, saddle stitching is a good option as it can be open flat and easy. It allows the readers to make book lay flat on the counter while reading a recipe. It is recommended to hire reputed  book printing services to get your book printed in an attractive and affordable way.

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20 03, 2020

Importance of Using Customized Printed Box in Packaging


Customized printed box not only keep the product safe, but are a good way to enhance a company brand. Box printing is a way to distinguish the packaged box from other boxes to identify it as well as to create better impression of the brand. A paper box supplier often look for leading printing services to give personalized appearance to the boxes with the help of different techniques

A printing company plays an important role in giving the perfect look to your packaging. They have professional designers having experience in making printed boxes stand out from your competitors. For instance if you are a paper bag supplier selling to customers who are children then cartoons and bright pictures are often ideal option for packaging. Printing companies provide an array of other services such as magazine printing, book printing and so on. They provide feasible solutions within your budget. For instance, you can magazine printing at reasonable magazine printing cost.

There is usually five types of printing used in customized box packaging including lithography, flexography, digital, rotogravure and silkscreen printing. Boxes are made from different materials such as corrugated custom boxes, cardboard boxes, etc. Corrugated custom boxes and cardboard boxes are to be sturdy and good to transport precious products in. Printing companies often provide a wide array of box printing services to a paper box supplier such as rigid gift boxes printing, card paper box printing, corrugated card box and shipping cartoons printing. The quality of printing has a great impact upon the impression it creates upon the customers, hence it is important to look for experienced printing service providers for quality solutions.

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21 02, 2020

Benefits of Catalogue Printing & Cookbook Printing for Individuals & Businesses


Printing companies specialize in providing a variety of solutions to meet varied printing needs. Whether you need catalogue printing, brochure printing or a book printing services, most reputed printing companies specialize in providing varied solutions to meet the individual’s needs of its clients.

Catalogue printing

Catalogues are used as cheap yet effective means to promote any business as well as to educate the targeted audience about the products and services of a company. These catalogues contains kind of menu to display products and service offered by a company along with its details. Catalogue printing china are economical to produce yet serve as a great source of information for the potential buyers and help them to take an effective buying decision. When they are printed in an attractive way, they also help in producing more leads for a business.

Cookbook printing

Cookbook printing is a great way to share your recipes and cooking ideas with world at large. Most chefs nowadays opt for cookbook printing to share their work with the audience. Cookbooks usually contain recipes along with pictures. A lucid description and attractive pictures lure audience to buy a cookbook. Printing is an essential aspect of any book and one must choose for high quality printing to create the right impression upon the readers as well as to entice them to buy t. Besides, an attractive cover is also an essential aspect of a successful cookbook. Many cookbook printing companies have a team of designers that help you in choosing the best cover to suit your theme and ideas.

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23 01, 2020

Printing & Promotional Solutions for Businesses


China printing companies offer a variety of cheap promotion solutions to all kinds of businesses. Even in the digitally driven world, print promotion is still considered as one of the most effective and result driven brand promotion strategy. And, it is also not very expensive. Many China printing companies provide economical brand promotion solutions.

Paper gift boxes are often used as marketing collateral by different businesses. Paper box supplier offers a huge variety of paper boxes and they can be customized as per the clients need. These paper boxes play a crucial role in keeping many things in an orderly manner. It can also be reused and remixed in exciting ways. These are being used in packing a variety of products such as toys, cosmetics, food and bakery products and a lot more. Paper gift boxes are often used as marketing collateral by different businesses.

Magazine printing is also used by many business as marketing strategy. It not only helps in brand promotion, but also become a source of additional revenues for a business. As magazine printing cost is also low, it is considered among the best branding strategies.  Many reputed China printing companies provide magazine printing services at reasonable magazine printing cost.

Catalog printing is another important brand promotion solution. Catalog helps in sharing information about products and services of a business. It helps to grow your business and increase overall sales of a business.

Just like catalogues, brochure splays an important role in business promotions. They can be strategically placed in a wide variety of locations. Most of the China printing companies provide a wide array of printing solutions for brand promotions to fit all budgets and needs.

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21 01, 2020

Role & Effectiveness of Catalog Printing in a Business


Every competitive business look for cost effective and impactful way to promote their products and services. Nowadays, in a highly competitive business environment, most businesses have a wide array of options for brand promotion. In the age of digital marketing, printed catalogues are still among the most popular marketing tools among all small and big businesses. It is nowadays used by even establish businesses to explore newer market and reach more customers. Printed catalogues are great means to reach potential customers without spending a fortune. Catalog printing companies usually provide a wide array of other services such as hardcover book printing, brochure printing and so on. Business promotion through printed catalogues is a fruitful decision in many ways:

  • Printed Catalog have been traditional yet relevant marketing tools in the modern times. These Catalog carry information related to description of the products, quality of the products, price etc. It helps buyers in taking instant decisions to buy a product from the seller. In this way, buyers also like to see Catalog of a business for taking a buying decision.
  • Many innovative companies provide unique range of Catalog printing services with blend of photos, narrative and other content with unique ways to connect with audience on a sensory level. They are simple to carry anywhere for multiple uses and are especially used for distribution in trade shows.
  • Catalogues can be used on location, handed out n trade fairs and events and can even be mailed to the potential clients. All this attributes makes them a great pick for any business and most business prefer to get a large number of catalogues printed to use them in a wide variety of ways in the future.
  • Nowadays, most retailers invest in multiple advertisement tools to attract customers. Printed catalogues encourage multichannel consumer behaviour. Stats reveal that printed catalog helps in significantly triggering website visit as well as visit to the store.
  • Whether it’s at a large event or distributing them door-to-door, catalogues are effective means of advertisement to get the desired outcomes. It is especially very useful for start-ups, small franchises and local businesses to promote their products and services.
  • Most companies can safely produce a larger number of brochures and order them in bulk as they are cost effective. They are comical means of promotion for any business. They provide simple and tangible way to the clients willing to receive information.
  • Catalogues can be easily passed from person-to-person and they work effectively like old school referral method to get connected with more leads and customers. Referral system is often very effective in bringing in more customers to a business.

With its capability for cognitive engagement and sales funnel performance, catalogue printing has found to be effective in improving and enhancing consumer buying experiences as well as in bringing more customers to any business. Printing companies provide a wide array of solutions for advertisement including hardcover book printing, brochure printing, Catalog printing and so on. One should look for reputed and renowned company

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19 12, 2019

Importance of Brochure Printing for Generating Leads


Brochures has been an important part of traditional marketing collateral. However, they are popularly used even today for promoting various products, services, brands and events. A brochure printing company creates a well-designed brochure with captivating visual effects and contains all the necessary information in brief such as product specification, event details and so on. Most of the companies nowadays make brochure as an integral part of their marketing arsenal for a variety of reasons such as

They help in capturing the attention of potential customers. These are the economical means of business promotions, especially in case of small businesses and start-ups with tight budget brochures can be great means of brand promotion. They are equally used by established businesses as well

Brochures are effective as well as economical than other promotional methods such as product advertisements on magazines and newspapers and so on. When you promote your products through advertisements in print media such as magazines or newspaper, the advertised space is shared by several other compete businesses, so the attention of the potential customers is diverted. On the other hand, brochure printing company gives you liberty to share everything you want to share to captivate the audience.

They allow advertisers to focus entirely on the business and its offerings. It is recommended to look for reputed brochure printed company to get captivating brochures for your business.

A brochure printing company specializes in making brochures interesting with both content and information and support it with appropriate images, and including a call to action. Many printing companies specialize in a variety of printing services such as book printing services, Catalog printing etc.

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14 12, 2019

How to Find a Competitive Magazine Printing Company?


Printed magazines never lose their charm. People on the go love to read different types of magazines for information and entertainment. From the lives of celebs to the change in economy to fitness lessons, these magazines are based on a vast array of topics. There are two kinds of magazines, the general topic based magazines and the magazines covering the topics related to specific genres only. Both types of magazines have huge popularity in the marketing. Most print publications offer a memorable and leisurely experience to the readers. There are many readers that prefer to read only printed magazines tossing from page to page and digesting slowly. Most popular magazines are nowadays available in printed as well as digital formats.

The quality of a magazine largely depends upon the quality of printing in it. It is of utmost important to carefully find a printing solution provider to ensure good quality printing at reasonable magazine printing costs.

Magazine printing companies usually specialize in hardcover book printing and printing magazines of all genres such as sports, entertainment, health, travel, fitness, literature, career, home and lifestyle, interior decoration, tradeshows and so on. It is important to consider few things in mind for choosing the right company for creating the right impact upon the audience. Here are some guidelines for selecting the best magazine printing company:

  • It is advised to look for companies having years of experience in the industry and management team and staff having the knowledge and expertise to know what publishers require from their printer. They are able to provide services at the competitive magazine printing cost.
  • A reputed company usually have back-up and support with adequate production facilities and latest magazine printing technology to assure quality printing.
  • Most well-known companies in China offer in-house facilities such as gloss UV varnishing / film laminating, saddle-stitching, perfect binding, mailing and so on.
  • The quality of production is also an important constraint. One must look for company having good reputation in the industry. One must go through their previous work in hardcover book printing, magazine printing and so. It is advised to go through their portfolio to determine the kind of work they provide in the industry.
  • Nowadays, it is easy to conduct online research to get the idea about any company. One should go through company’s review and ratings and if possible, one should talk to the previous clients to get better idea.
  • A good company should ensure fair turnaround times. One should have idea about how reliable is their printer. It should be in the budget and should work on recommended or custom settings. It should not produce any errors.
  • It is good to compare magazine printing costs offered by different companies to make a fair decision.

The right printing company can make a difference to magazine business. When you select the right printing company, it gives your business the services necessary to improve your marketing appeal, while enhancing your brand image and awareness. It is prudent to determine your business objectives, the kind of printing needed, technology requirements and the budget before starting your search for a printing company.

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29 10, 2019

Promote your Business with Catalogue Printing China


A lot of businesses are nowadays turning towards China for availing printing services like brochure printing, catalogue printing, magazine printing and more. The availability of advanced technology, efficient people and quality printing are the main reason for its growing popularity all across the globe.

Catalog Printing China

Printed Catalog are still popular with all sizes and kinds of businesses. Especially, start up and small business find it easy and economical way to connect with local customers and spread a word about their business. Nowadays, even established businesses are making use of catalogue printing China to reach audience in targeted regions.

These catalogues can be used as a part of direct mail campaigns. When you targeted specific group of people as a part of your marketing campaigns, you can get all of your products in front of a potential customer with one piece of mail. These catalogues can also be easily handed over in person during trade shows and other events organized by the business.

China book printing companies are popular for providing magazine printings services as magazine printing cost is competitive. There are millions of people that love to read books and magazines in traditional ways and magazine companies are fulfilling their needs by providing content on diversified topics.

China printing companies specialize in providing quality printing services for varied printing needs. They are preferred by business worldwide for cost effective and high quality printing solutions.


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